El Paso Honors Fort Hood Victims

POSTED: Friday, November 6, 2009 - 5:35pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:25pm

El Paso - - Flags in El Paso and across Texas are flying at half staff on orders from Governor Rick Perry following the massacre at Fort Hood.

Fort Bliss held a moment of silence today to remember the 13 dead and 38 wounded in a gunman's attack.

Tonight, the nation also mourns the victims of the Fort Hood shooting spree. The army post is in the district of Texas Representative Chet Edwards, who led a resolution on the house floor in memory of the victims. The resolution states the American people share the pain and grief of this tragic loss.

"While these soldiers did not die in combat, they surely gave their lives in service to country. And for that, we will always consider them as heroes."

It has been more than 24 hours now since the deadly shooting and the tight-knit military community is still struggling to understand and cope with what has happened.

"You don't expect to hear it, you don't. You always have the safe sense that nothing is going to happen when you are at home."

Late yesterday, that home was ripped apart...

"I saw blood and people getting shot in chest and leg."

A firestorm of bullets rained down on dozens of soldiers. At least 13 were killed, more than 30 rushed to area hospitals...

"Basically there was no region of body which there wasn't an injury in these patients. gunshot wounds to the neck, head, chest, abdomen and extremities. Unfortunately in some of these individuals they were injured in several sites."

And army investigators says the most deadly attack ever on a U.S. military installation was carried out by one of their own. Major Nidal Hasan. This surveillance video obtained by CNN shows the alleged gunman just a few hours before the attack. A regular customer at the convenience store. The clerk says nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
Senior officers at Fort Hood saw no indication there may be problems either...

"My personal experience with him is he didn't raise any of those flags."

But others say there were signs. Just this week, neighbors say Hasan gave away his furniture and many of his possessions. A devout Muslim, there are reports he was frustrated after being ridiculed about his religion by other soldiers and that he had growing fears on the eve of his first deployment to Afghanistan. All pieces investigators say of a violent and deadly puzzle they are now struggling to connect.

Another major piece to that puzzle is evidence investigators have collected including documents Hasan was carrying at the time of the attack and the home computer pulled from his apartment overnight.

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