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El Paso holds first annual March Against Child Abuse

El Paso holds first annual March Against Child Abuse
Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 5:29pm

The first annual March Against Child Abuse, MACA, in El Paso was held in Downtown El Paso Saturday. The group is part of a national organization, which is present in 100 cities in all 50 states. 

This is only the second year the organization has been holding marches, but this year was the first in El Paso.  

According to Brenda Cruz with MACA-El Paso, 10 children die in the United States every single day because of child abuse or child neglect. Texas has the highest number of deaths.  Last year 156 Texas children died due to child abuse or neglect. 

Following Saturday's march through the streets of Downtown El Paso, participants released 156 balloons, one in honor of each of those Texas children.

Cruz said the march is a good way to bring more attention to the issue, and it also encourages people to speak up when they witness abuse.

"It's happening every single day and we are aware and sometimes we're afraid to speak up so it is our job to bring it to light, bring attention to it, do something to get these people away from these children so that they have a chance to survive," Cruz said.

Organizers said they want to see tougher sentencing for those convicted of child abuse.


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