El Paso hits high temps of 106 degrees on Wednesday

El Paso hits high temps of 106 degrees on Wednesday
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 11:59pm

It's not quite summer time yet but the Borderland is already baking in triple digit temperatures -- leaving El Pasoans to deal with the heat.

"It's been really nasty," said Stephen Wells.

"As soon as I step outside, it just feels like such a warm cloud just hits me. I just know it's so different than being inside where it's cool," said Eva Benitez.

"I feel like I have to take a change of clothes because it just gets so hot," said Samantha Benitez.

The heat wave has sent temperatures soaring to a record-breaking 106 degrees, after two days of 104 degree heat.

Warmer weather may tempt people to flock outdoors, and so officials urge you to protect yourself from heat-related illness.

They recommend you dress for summer by wearing light-colored clothing, spend more time in air-conditioned places, reduce or reschedule strenuous activities until the coolest time of the day, and most importantly, drink plenty of water.

Locals we spoke with didn't miss the point, and shared with us how they protect themselves in the heat.

"Stay hydrated, try and keep to the shade," said Wells.

"Today, we decided to come to Kinley's because we were like 'Okay, we'll stay inside, we'll grab some cool drinks and stay cool,'" said Lydia Benitez.

"Put the hair up if it gets really really hot," said Samantha.

"Go to a place where it's nice and air conditioned. Like, just take a stroll in the mall for a day or go to the movies, just to feel the cool air," said Eva.

Officials warn the elderly to take proper care of themselves during hot, summer months because they are most at-risk of getting sick from the heat.

The Extreme Weather Task Force says in addition to staying hydrated and wearing light clothing, seniors should properly ventilate their homes, by opening doors and windows to let the air circulate.

Most importantly, experts say it's important to have a buddy system with your elderly loved one, which can be the most effective way to save their life in a time of crisis.

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