El Paso Group Protests Health Care Reform

El Paso Group Protests Health Care Reform

POSTED: Friday, March 19, 2010 - 2:48pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 4:31pm

El Paso - Protesters from the Grassroots Campaign stood outside Congressman Silvestre Reyes' office in Downtown El Paso today.

They were there to let the congressman know they oppose the measure that is due for a vote on Sunday.

The protesters say Reyes' office did not give them a warm welcome...

"Today we went up there, they were not very receptive, they limited us and they closed the door behind us. We had to finally ask them to open the door and let some more people in. So, we don't feel welcome at all."

But a spokesperson from Congressman Reyes' office says they met with the group for over an hour and even stayed late until everyone who wanted to speak or ask questions had the opportunity to do so.

The bill is being rushed through congress and signs at the rally protested that. Everything from "read the bill" to "no forced health care."

"These signs speak for themselves. All these things are being asked to be upheld or they're being violated. We don't want this thing forced."

The El Paso Democratic Party chairman says the protesters are exercising the right to be heard, but he insists the health care bill is badly needed...

"I think that it lays the groundwork and framework for what needs to be done in the future. We did the same thing with medicare and medicaid. It didn't start off as good as it is right now, but once we passed it we built upon it and it got better."

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Question. If the new law is so good, then why are the federal employees excempt from going into the pool. If Obama and Reyes believe to be so good, why do they excemted their families and their staff from having to go into this pool. Any one under the age of 26 and still in the parents health insurance, is a leach and should move out and should be given a swift kick in the back side.What happen to ask not what your country can do for you, as to what you can do for your country?

I want to know with this new tax, since everyone is going to be cover then I should not have to pay any more property taxes to University Medical. Another, how are they going to control illigles form using or getting into the system, since a mulititude of them are already using UMC and never pay their bill. Remember the Mexican COPS. Did they ever pay for their hospital bill? or are they also going to be cover under OBAMA CARE?

Yes, he is the President but he is not royalty and he answers to everyone and not just to those that agree with his views. If you do not know the separation of the three branches, then i suggest you grab the US Constitution and read it carefully.

I do not know why are they working so hard on a bill for health reform, when the job market is should have been the first thing. People with jobs can afford to buy insurance. Second, why don't we reform welfare, I see so many people with Lone Star buying garbage food, and look very unhealthy. What first we feed them junk, tehn pay for their diabetis and high cholesterol.
Mr. Reyes get your priorities in line and stop just talking about Ft Bliss, and get more jobs into El Paso.

The tea baggers complained Reyes' office was not "very receptive" to their views on health reforms. They were asking Reyes to turn his back on millions of uninsured Americans, and join the party of NO into protecting the profits and bottom lines of Insurance Companies. El Paso finally has a Congressman that speaks for the majority. Given'em hell Gato!

No, he does not speak for me or for a lot of people that I know. He speaks for the people that are taking advantage of the sysytem and do not ask him to get more jobs into El Paso. He did not have the fortitude or intellegence to explain the bill "Law" in its entirity. Because you will need 2 months and a group of lawyers to understand it. If you think that Mr. Reyes is a very honorable man, why don't you ask him about how many times he ate in the private dinnnig room of Moshe Azoulay as ChiefBP

Iam Sorry Mr. Northeast Residente, that Congressman Reyes doesn't speak for you or the many peple you know. How can poor people take advantage of "systems" they didn't create? How many poor people you know that contributed to the design of Texas' Welfare System? Name one Republican who has promised JOBS for El Paso, or has eradicated unemployment. If you think that Reyes wants unemployment for El Paso, or wishes more people in welfare - you need a head doctor. Sign up for the health bill.

NO = Republicans; YES = Democrats
Now people won't have to die for lack of health insurance, isn't that great!

Thank you Congressman Reyes for fighting a good fight. Support you all the way!

Thank you for what for making people more dependant on the system, instead of making the sysytem work for all. It is like a proverb states " Give somebody a fish and will eat one day, but teach tehm to fish and they will eat every day"
I have seen so many people that pay with Lone Star food with no nutritional value and I am looking at every single item to make sure I only take what I can buy and will not affect my health. I am paying for their food why should I pay for health ins

Do you have a job in El Paso, or are you willing to pass some of your hard earn money to people that all they do is use the system and the only time they complain is when their social benefits are in jeopardy. Teach people how to eat right and have a yearly check up and send the kids out to play and loose some of the fat from sitting playing video games.

Wake up El Paso! You were the ones that helped to get this guy voted in! He does not speak for all of us, only those who agree with him. He is a pro-abortion Democrat that is an Obama sycophant. He will do what is politically correct, not what is right. I have never voted for him, and I will now work to have him replaced!

You are absolutely right in your views, because nobody has asked him of the many benefits he received from Moshe Azoulay and Claude Blankiet and even the assistant to Mayor Cook, Silvia Borunda Firth. How she went around and was giving pencils and tellin everybody that they "HAD" to vote for him or else.
Or how many times as Chief of the Border Patrol he showed up to A G F to wait and eat in the private dinning room of the laundry. Let's get and Independant that will do the will of the people.

P.S. - I tried to contact Reyes through his web site. I received a canned, bot-generated response. I cannot believe he would stoop that low. Think he cares about us, think again.

I tried to talk to him in various ocassion, speacially ione time that I saw him at Julio's Cafe Corona and I approach him and brushed me away with the pomposity of a royal. I stood fast and told him he was my representative and needed to answer one simple question. I guess he only has time for YES people and not for all the people.

I hope that this bill does not pass and as far as Silvestre Reyes, he is just another useless politician that does nothing for El Paso. He should step down but ignorant people in this city keep morons like him in office.

I am curious to know how my support for health care is any different than education for all, a mandate that is placed upon the people and treated as a right and its not in the constitution? I am forced to pay for the education of anyone who gets an education. Including felons in prison. Because I support education it means I trample my constitution, am against freedom and a socialist.


You make a fair point, we have become so scare of making the right choices that we make the popular and wrong choices. Too many people are just living of the system and never put anything into the system and make it a way of living. All they know how to say is the Government should and must take care of me adn my family, they say this because they have not taken the time to know that we are the government and the money that they get in social services is tax money payed by all us.

who wants this bill? 55% oppose. 35% agree, and what do they agree with?--nobody knows what's in the bill. it's still being revised as i type this.

we have 100 trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities in this country. say it slowly--one hundred T R I L L I O N.

Why does the whole country have to be entangled in this welfare program for 25 million people who don't have insurance?

this represents an immoral, unethical, financially irresponsible power grab by our representatives.

"Why does the whole country have to be entangled in this...?"

It's our way: the strong protect the weak, and the wealthy collectively help the poor. We believe health care isn't a privilege for the rich, but a basic human right for every individual. We value equality because without equality we don't have justice/fairness or liberty/freedom. That's our value system in America and we're better for it.
And your figures are misleading. 30%+ oppose not having single payer or public option.

El Paso people have no clue. Get over it! Obama is the president. Health care reform is gonna happen. Start protesting about the drugs coming over the border.

What do you mean get over it? I do not have to accept it and it is my right and obligation to question those who think that their actions are good for me. Do you really believe that Washington knows how to run an industry? Look at USPS, Social Security. If you like it so much you pay for all of them and leave it out! Are you willing to pay for people that are here illigal, remember 1986 and the amnesty, what are we going to do with all of them, jobless rate is at 10% thank Mr. Obama.

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