El Paso Family Survives Italian Cruise Ship Wreck

El Paso Family Survives Italian Cruise Ship Wreck

POSTED: Monday, January 16, 2012 - 5:57pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 16, 2012 - 6:43pm

EL PASO - The Rosales family took off to Italy just a few days ago, they were celebrating two birthdays in the family aboard the Cruise Ship Concordia when the wreck happened over the weekend.

"There has been a human error here, the captain didn't follow the authorized route," Pier Luigi of Costa Cruises said.

Back at home in El Paso, their parents Oscar and Evangelica got the bad news.

"The boat had wrecked with something and it was sinking," Rosales said.

This couple was in a state of shock.
They stayed glued to the TV to find out more details about the Cruise Ship wreck that risked the lives of three members of their family.

"They called us as soon as they could to tell us what had happened and that they were okay," Rosales said.

The couple said even though they knew their family was safe, they felt like a weight had been lifted when they saw them being interviewed on the Weather Channel.

Back on dry land, Oscar's son told his father about the chaos he lived on deck.

"They said nothing worked the life saving boats didn't work either and people got so desperate they threw themselves off of the boat," Rosales said.

His son says the stress he and his family went through trying to get off of the boat could have been avoided.

"If the staff would have told them before there wouldn't have been so many problems because the passengers could have gotten off of the cruise ship calmly," Rosales said.

And even though their family is safe, the couple says they will continue their prayers until everyone makes it back home.

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I'm so sorry for what is happening to your family , but thank God they are alright, we were stationed in italy for four years and have only been in el paso for almost a year. I pray that everyone is alright and that no more lives are lost.

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