El Paso expects bigger voter turnout than 2009 mayoral election

El Paso expects bigger voter turnout than 2009 mayoral election
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POSTED: Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 9:57pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 13, 2013 - 8:47am

The El Paso mayoral race is a week away. As candidates fight for votes, voters are turning out in big numbers -- and even bigger than the last mayoral election in 2009.

"We've seen a great increase, double than what we saw in 2009," said Javier Chacon, Elections Administrator for El Paso County.

According to the El Paso County Elections Office, in 2009, some 7,000 people voted in early elections during its first week. This year during that same time, almost 13,000 people have voted so far  -- that's an average of 2400 people a day.

"That gives us a hope that they'll be more participating and voting this time around," said Chacon.

The County Elections Department said polling sites in West El Paso have seen the highest turnouts, with at least 300 people showing up each day to cast a ballot.

Today, many came out to vote at the Regency of El Paso.

"It's a beautiful day to come outside, an opportunity to cast my ballot in the early election," said Tom Hansen.

"It's to be sure that you get your vote in because with work, sometimes you're not able to get out and vote," said Lilia Alvarez.

Marino Rios said, "It's everybody's responsibility to do so and we're early risers."

El Pasoans at the Regency said they look forward to choosing El Paso's next leader.

"The biggest thing we need right now is someone who is honest, someone we can trust," said Alvarez.

"Let's take El Paso to the next stage and see what happens," said Hansen.

Early voting ends Tuesday, May 7th, and election day is May 11th.

For a complete list of early voting polls and more information on this year's election, log onto the El Paso County Elections Office's webiste at http://www.epcountyvotes.com/  

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I hope the turnout puts Ortega out. We cant have an old familiar with his old-familiar-kind of ideas. Progressives are dangerous for our city. They will get what THEY want and not what is good for El Paso. I never thought the last Mayor could do what he did and he did it. This guy is just an extension of what Cook was. Tired of government control and spending that has to stop. El Paso hasn't changed with that kind of Cook ideas. I left El Paso for ten years and nothing has changed for the better

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