El Paso Electric Sends Crews to NY

Friday, November 2, 2012 - 10:48am

Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast by bringing down power lines, leaving about 90 people dead, and leaving 8 million people in the dark. But El Paso Electric is doing their part to help shine the light back into this region.

29 volunteers from the El Paso Electric Company are gearing up and flying into what FEMA calls disaster region. "We're just trying to figure out where is it that we're headed, what we're up against, it's rolled into emotion, put it that way," Alex Cano, Safety and Training Officer with EPE says.

They're all headed to New York. Superstorm Sandy has devastated the East Coast killing almost 100 people in its path."It's important to restore power to 8 million people out there who are suffering because of everything that just happened with the hurricane," Vice President of EPE Hector Puente says.

"Every utility probably across the nation is already heading that way because it's a humanity cause," Cano says.

This morning El Paso Electric took some time too root on their local team. Utility companies throughout the nation have been asked to help by Consolidated Edison. EPE says providing this type of assistance is nothing new. "We went to Florida a few year's back in Arthur, Texas also a few years back," Puente tells us.

This kind of experience will help when the volunteers head into unfamiliar and potentially dangerous situations, "They don't know the area but they know electricity, they know electrical systems and they're the very best that we have," Puente says.

The very best to help those affected by one of the worst natural disasters to ever shakeup the East Coast.

"We're going to do our best and see what we can do to help at least put our little part in it," Cano says.

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