El Paso Electric Issues Friday Message


POSTED: Friday, February 4, 2011 - 5:38am

UPDATED: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 7:40am

EL PASO - The local electric company is urging power conservation as it prepares to cut electricity from El Paso homes again today.

Early Friday morning, El Paso Electric Spokeswoman Teresa Souza said the utility has not been able to restore a significant amount of its local power generation.

The following is an excerpt of a news release issued by El Paso Electric today:


"El Paso Electric continues to operate under a curtailment plan and we are asking all customers, business and residential, to immediately reduce as much electrical usage as they can.

We are asking businesses to curtail their usage except in situations of critical needs.

We are also asking customers to curtail usage in their homes. Do not use appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher, or electric clothes dryer Turn off extra lights, electric water heater and other electric
appliances that you do not absolutely need. Minimize the use of your electric range or oven when preparing meals.

El Paso Electric continues to work diligently to correct the problem. We will keep you informed and will let you know when you may resume the normal use of your electric appliances."

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This is going to be as bad as the "stormwater tax" the PSB implemented after the 2006 flooding. Now EPEC is going to say it needs rate increases to keep this from happening again. In both cases neither utility was doing it's job as fundamentally defined at their inception. The Electric Company will cover it's incompetence with a call for more money to replace the sums they put into salaries rather than basic infrastructure as intended. A direct parallel to the PSB call for a new tax in 2006.

I've heard that there will be a power outage to the entire city tonight at 12:00 a.m. Is this true? I'm concerned, I have no blankets!!!


look i know this blackouts are a pain in the ass, but what ppl are forgetin is that el paso is not used to weather like this. we are use to winds and never great blue moon rain. we usually do get snow as much as we have. But they should have had this problem fix, they had three days to fix it.

Before you complain inform yourselves of the facts. This problem is not exclusive to El Paso. Read something besides the local news and you would see that the rolling blackouts are being initiated statewide. This has noting to with putting money in somebodies pocket. This is a way to deal with a problem temporarily until mother nature starts to cooperate again.

Finally, a person of reason!

the electric company did not consider the newly expanded FORT BLISS....

Did Fort Bliss freeze the turbines?

What an embarrassing and disappointing week for El Paso. El Paso Electric Company and officials knew about the storm a week in advance. PLEASE tell me why you all did not prepare for this? Many of us wrapped our pipes and you all sat back and watched. Now you want to increase our bill because YOU ALL DID NOT PREPARE; That is not acceptable.

I've have 7 blackouts so far here on the east side of town. A friend of mine has had none on the west side. Why is that?

to frustrated:
my mother on the westside as had 7 blackouts in one day, the next 3, and today 1. i live less than half a mile away and i have had 2 within the three days. it just depends on which grid is the unluck one to get hit. I know the frustration because my mother is 70years old and i worry about not having heat.

I think more like they are selling it to other places at a higher rate than ours and they are just making an excuse.

El Paso HELLectric, with a company like that our CITY will keep Growing BIG to COMPETE with other cities for JOBS AND BRING BIG CORPORATIONS!!!!

What a Success!!!

Or should I say:

WHAT A SUCKcess!!!

Poor planning by The Electric Company and some heads should be rolling. Apparently everyone in El Paso knew about the extreme weather coming in, except the electric company or they were complacent and didn't do anything. Poor management is the problem.

Poor Planning? I don't think so!I think EPE realized an opportunity to make bigger $$ by using the temps to direct energy from Palo Verde. Expect much higher elect. bills!
Their excuse of frozen grids is ludicrous! Even if that were true, why is it
I lived in IL for 5 yrs, temps like this in Winter are a norm. why didn't the grids freeze there?
Wake-up El Paso! YOU are being scammed by a monopolizing utility.
I for one, am writing the Attorney general, and public utility commission ASAP!

you are in the southwest! Maybe El Paso doesn't need to wake-up. You might just be living with one eye closed.

I'm going to guess because IL has as many generators as possible going in the winter to match the increase load for power. I have friend work at EPE, and the fact is they use natural gas turbine generators, which tend to not work well in sub zero temps. I imagine in the North, they use something different (I know Idaho uses Nuclear energy, which works well in the cold).

I understand the need for residents to curtail their usage but what about all those businesses who won't voluntarily curtail their usage. What about the star on the mountain who continues to shine bright. Hospitals, police, fire, doctors offices, post offices, gas stations, grocery stores I can see why they need to stay open but what about all those other businesses that are afraid of losing a buck.

How about El Paso Electric start rolling out the discounts, We have a three week old new born we are trying to keep warm. El Paso Electric is just like everything else here in El Paso includig our city government a big joke!!!!!!

This is not an El Paso issue. This is a state wide issue. The nearly 2,000 mile wide winter storm is affecting a lot of people across the country and everyone is using so much energy to keep warm across the city and state that power brigs are going out. I'm sorry that your baby is so little and has to endure this I hope you can keep him/her warm.


Why not a roll out at the mall and leave these residents alone?

Reality is the Europeans have been using renewable energy for at least 20 years. This technology is out there and being used. El Paso has plenty of wind and sunlight to make this work. This should never happen again.

El Paso's power El Paso Electric has six sites that generate power for the 365,000 meters that exist between Hatch, N.M., and Van Horn, Texas. The current capacity is 1,643 megawatts.

If El Paso Electric can keep up with summer demands with Refrigerated Air, why can’t they keep up with heating demands now? Law of thermodynamics states it takes the exact same amount of energy to cool a given object 1deg as it it does to heat

I'm going to guess because the turbines don't freeze to a hault..taking down a whole power plant with it...in the summer time. Freezing turbines tend to only happend when it is freezing. It has nothing to do with increased demand..they are saying they can't handle the normal demand because two power plants went out due to the freeze.

The proof is in the pudding. It is time now to transition to a new, cleaner and more reliable energy source. Windmills, solar power and other sources need to be better utilized. The writing is on the wall. This city came close to crumbling these last two days and no one thought it could ever get this cold in El Paso but it did. For those people who had no electricity and gas lines to heat their homes blame the utility companies for their greed and reluctancy to change due to spending money.

Hey Genius: Wind turbines DONT wok in the snow and cold, and exactly how much sun did you see during the blizzard?

What a disappointment El Paso Electric has been during this storm. We knew this artic storm was coming a week in advance. What did EPE do to prepare? Apparently nothing. I wrapped my pipes so they wouldn't freeze, did EPE? I would say not as they experienced "frozen water lines" at their generator plants. Maybe it is time for some change in management at EPE. Doesn't anyone there have the foresight to prepare for known upcoming events.......

In light of the problems with the gas service (low pressure in our neighborhood, so low that a neighbor that upgraded to a high efficiency furnace could not get it to work because of the low pressure) I recall the implementation of a service charge by Texas Gas Service where before consumers were billed for gas usage only. This additional charge was, ostensibly to address infrastructure issues. This service charge has, no doubt raked in many additional dollars over the years. Where did it go?

What does this have to do with the Electric Company? Move to Juarez if you don't like it.

The way you solve a problem is by speaking out if you don't like something you don't just move away or juarez, stupid, if your a little pushover like that and solve all your problems by moving then you move away and let's us try and fix el paso.

like most corporations in America, in the pockets of the Executives.

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