El Paso Diocese Settles Sex Abuse Lawsuit


POSTED: Friday, April 2, 2010 - 10:19pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 13, 2010 - 3:39am

Las Cruces - (AP) - A third lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by a former Las Cruces priest during the 1970s has been settled by the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso.

Father Manuel Perez Maramba, also known as "Dom Benildo," was accused of sexually abusing the plaintiff when he was 6 years old.

That's according to a news release from the El Paso law offices of Gilstrap & Harmonson, which represented the alleged victim and his family.

The settlement is the third reached with the Catholic Diocese of El Paso and others in allegations of sexual abuse by the same priest.

Maramba, a Filipino priest, served at St. Genevieve Church in Las Cruces from 1976-1977 and at the Newman Center in Silver City before being recalled to the Philippines in 1977 by his abbey.

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May the Holy Spirit grant us wisdom, for that is one of the gifts given in our Confirmation Sacrament. Please do not be the first to throw the first stone, for non of us are free of sin. I do not agree with Priest, teachers, police officers, Dr's abusing children but it is important to understand this happens everyday but we just speak out in a rage when we hear a priest has fallen from grace...how about all people who fall from grace by doing this hatred act on a child. Let us end pronography.

If you change your religion because of things like this then you didn't have much faith to begin with. Our faith is not based on things like this, but on Jesus Christ and God. This is a problem that is common throughout the world mostly found in married couples rather than celibate priests. Unfortunately there will always be bad apples everywhere that do awful crimes like this. People who say they will leave the faith because of such acts are looking for an excuse to justify their actions.

Things like things makes me wanna change my religion.... What's up with all these Catholic Priests being sex offenders...


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