El Paso Couple Scammed by Mexican Nationals

El Paso Couple Scammed by Mexican Nationals

POSTED: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 6:47pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 8, 2011 - 4:32pm

EL PASO - An elderly couple, whose identities we're concealing for their safety, says they've been scammed.

"I received a phone call and the man said he was my nephew coming in to visit me from Chihuahua. He said he was happy because he was coming to El Paso to buy a car," the woman said.

The couple says they didn't have any reason to doubt it was their nephew on the other end of the phone.

But, a few hours later, the man called again.

He said he got in a terrible accident and put the woman on the phone with a Mexican police commander.

"He called saying he needed $2,000 so that my nephew wouldn't go to jail while they investigated the accident," the woman said.

So they sent what they could, $1,000 wire through Western Union, but the next day the man kept asking for more.
That's when their red flags went up.

"My husband called his family in Chihuahua and we found out that everyone in Chihuahua is doing fine," the woman said.

It's known as the grandparent scam, Annabelle Estrada from the Better Business Bureau says it's getting more popular with elderly people who have family in Mexico.

"Often times the best way to figure out that it's not true is by hanging up and calling that relative or a relative of that relative and confirming," Estrada said.

The couple says they've filed a police report and are working with Western Union to try and get their money back.

"I already considered that money lost, but hopefully our community can learn from our mistake so that we can stop these people," the man said.

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Yah well i doubt the person who scammed these elderly people will get caught.

Your talking about a country that can't provide running water to all itts citizens you think the place that this western union has a mandate to have security cameras or anything. I dont think so. In mexico for $200 you can get provided a new fake ID so that part of the investigation is out because that person surely used fake information.

Oh and its a country that it is legal for adultry.

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