El Paso County to Boycott Arizona


POSTED: Monday, May 3, 2010 - 3:58pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 1:19pm

El Paso - Cheers rang out after El Paso County Commissioners passed a resolution 3-2 calling for a boycott on Arizona.

The decision came after hours of debate, mostly from those against the Arizona law...

"The roots of this legislation, and I'm going to speak straight to you, is Nazi. That is where it comes from, it makes my blood boil."

But there were a small number of SB1070 supporters who did not want the resolution passed...

"I am not anti-immigrant, I am anti-illegal immigrant. Let's make that very, very, perfectly clear."

At times, things got heated and people pointed the finger at who they thought was wrong.

Even commissioners disagreed.

County Judge Anthony Cobos and Commissioner Dan Haggerty voted against the resolution....

"El Paso county has now parked all Arizona all residents of Arizona into the same corner also. They're now discriminating against businesses in Arizona, so I don't think it's the right approach."

Commissioner Willie Gandara, Jr. pushed the resolution.

It condemns the Arizona immigration law by calling for the county to end business with that state until the law is repealed...

"This bill was drafted in Arizona to racially profile Mexican-Americans, and that is not right. It's totally unconstitutional, and it's against the fabric of our life. This country was founded by immigrants."

The resolution also calls for El Pasoans to stop supporting businesses headquartered in Arizona.

While those against the Arizona law are happy with the county leader's stand, those for it say the resolution itself won't matter...

"It's as worthless as the paper it's written on, but I think it sends a negative message to the rest of the country, the rest of Texas that we're becoming a sanctuary city."

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If you think this, you must not have read it. It is a mirror of the federal law but enforced at the state level. I challenge you to find the section and paragraph in the 16 pages of AZ. bill 1070 that proves your point. Before you start thowing around pat phrases like 'unconstitutional' you may want to read the Constitution. You haven't been able to say WHY you are right - just that you think you have rights.

I have indeed read the bill, have you? It violates the fourth amendment right that prohibits unlawful search and seizure. Within the bill, there is a provision demanding that people who "appear" to be illegal should be stopped. The Governor herself could not defend this at the press conference.

Law enforcement who refuse to engage in this profiling behavior -because that is what it is- can be sued. Immigrants, ALL immigrants, legal or illegal, are entitled ro protections offered by the bill of rights.

Wrong again Kemo Kitsu, on all counts. But please, open your doors for those who break into your house. Why not? After all they have rights too? Will anyone protect your rights if you do not want someone to take what you have earned? Wake up Amigo. Arguing over a just law won't solve anything. Get Obama to reform the immigration fiasco. He promised us he would in the first 100 days of his administration. He has no intention of changing anything except the size of his bank account and his ego.


I am absolutely appauled that El Paso has the nerve to do this. I wnt to break into the supporters homes, live there, and then tell them they cannot do anything to kick me out. PLEASE!!!

You have a lot of undocumented workers living in your house, do you? Pretending like undocumented workers who come to the U.S. in search of livable wages somehow threaten your personal space is a ridiculous means of justifying your intolerance. And before you bring up the language debate, realize that many American born citizens are APPALLED (and not appauled) by racist sentiments like yours.

Another thing.My family member at 15 yrs old fought along side of General Washington at Valley Forge,was severely wounded at 16 and healed enough to finish the war against British.I don't recall one mexican killing whites in that war.90% of Tucson news violence is from mexicans,legal and illegal.I have the gonads to stand up for my country.Maybe you should move to Mexico or along the border take in some of these poor mexicans?You may not wake up one morning or come home to find all stuff gone?

RE.I live 80 miles from Mexico.I've worked with illegals before it became an invasion.I'm Army Vet,disabled but have a work ticket since my SSDI is so small.1. plant here employes over 1600 workers,90% are mexican nationals we bus in and many drive. They live better lives in mexico than I do here.Our city American mexicans don't want them or like them as they leave trash,diapers in parking spots,are rude and WILL cut in front at stores.It's like they own this country maybe they do?Cartel $$$.

So tell me RE, what about my livable wages? Do I just turn my head and say, ah well he got the job, my loss. I'll keep looking. After all he comes from a country that has worse laws than Arizona where torture is practiced and women are violated. But thats ok because that is my Mexico Lindo. Couldn't make it there so I'll break in and steal and live on the government. Only thing is, is the government is us. Our taxes pay for what others have not earned. Maybe you are happy giving away your stuff?

First of all if an illegal immigrant is more qualified for a job than you are dont blame the illegal immigrant blame yourself for not getting a decent education and making yourself more marketable. Also since you dont have a job your not technically contributing tax dollars, that illegal immigrant is the one getting federal taxes deducted from their pay check so in reality my friend. Theyre paying FOR YOUR Unemployemnt check! Wow amazing isnt it.

i think anthony cobos and dan haggerty are a bunch of idiots

I know in Mexico & other countries in this world the authorities have the right to check a person for legal status and if you cannot prove your status you have no rights. The United States has been most graceful in allowing illegal immigration to exist over the years. Americans are telling Americans we have no right to stop it and is willing to punish other Americans who try. I am black and I don't find the law discriminatory because proving your citizenship is the bottom line in any country.

Actually your misinformed please know your rights as an american citizen. In no federal law or statute does it state you have to carry around proof of citizenship on you at all times. So no proving citizenship is not the bottom line. You might say then why do we have licenses. Guess what those are to operate motor vehicles and they belong to the individual state in which they were acquired. Know your rights

what in the world gives a city council the right to tell or attempt to dictate what a state can or can not do. Our city council has it own issues to deal with and attacking another state will take the spotlight off them for a while but our issues still exist. I will go out of my way to support Arizona products if it will tic off our politicians because it appears their polititians listen to their constituants. How crooked can a polititian be?
Many in this country are showing us the answer.

It is embarrassing that those of you who support the Arizona law cannot see how backwards and discrimanatory that law is to Hispanics. This is NOT about illegal immigration for crying out loud, if it were then that law would NOT group all Hispanics in one mass. And it does. No one who opposes the law is all for letting illegals into the country BUT we are against innocent LAWFUL Hispanic-Americans being singled out simply for being Hispanic!!!

Read the new law before you comment. The officer must first Stop you for BEING IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW (not just because he thinks your here illegally) In other words he has to observe you doing something illegal! Now in the process of detaining or questioning you for this violation if he feels you may be here illegaly he can ask you for proof of citizenship. Contrary to popular ignorant belief an officer cant legally stop you just because your hispanic.

Please cite the paragraph of the law that groups all Hispanics in one mass and the especially the part that says we are against innocent LAWFUL Hispanic-Americans being singled out simply for being HIspanic. I must have missed that part. Being Hispanic, I am just to backwards and discrimanatory to have noticed. Viva! Arizona!

Only such a backward city such as El Paso would pass such a stupid resolution. Way to go county commissioners you have embarassed yourselves and the city.

This is a joke, I cant believe City Council passed this, 57 percent of El Paso supported the Arizona immigration bill based off local news stations polls. This should of been up to the people not City Council. This is a clear example how are City Reps who voted for this stupid resolution only care about there own agenda and not the people they represent.

our City Councilpersons are just a bunch of idiots and liars and thieves and anything else that come to mind, except defending the rights of their constituents, We do not need more illegals here in El Paso and this Arizon law is just what the doctor ordered. Shape up El Paso, and rebel against the ignorance of our electected people and do not vote for them again, otherwise you have no right to talk about them.

Sorta reminds me of Demacratic party.

Shows just how ignorant our leaders are. If they think their little meager pesos are going to hurt Az, then they're ALL nuts. This is just another example of why El Paso is, and will always be a third world city.
Az is doing nothing wrong. If a Mexican wants to come live here, then let him get papers. Otherwise, stay the hell out of MY country.


That's a lot of angry energy from somebody who thinks very little of El Paso, DrDeLos. If you think it's a "third world city," why are you taking time to chastise its leaders? Racial profiling is wrong, no matter what way you slice it. The Arizona law screams intolerance, xenophobia, and racism. Indeed, intolerant defenders of the law like you are apparently in the lot of the racist lawmakers in Arizona. Indeed, Arizona was the only state not to pass Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a holiday

Thank you El paso! I am a native arizonan and a veteran. I have lived all my life in arizona except the 4yrs i spent in the marines.I say thank you from Phoenix! lets stop these crazy ideas from Republicans that do nothing to stop imigration and do everyrthing to score political points! hope your republican primary go's well Jan Brewer! you just learned a hard lesson at the expense of Arizona! Blame her and others at our sttae capitol!

You could sue them so easily. They have governing requirments for doing business with vendors and suppliers. To exclude someone from Arizona is a huge law suit and pay-o-la. Even if they didn't do business with such a person, they'd have to prove in court they had not made the decision based on other requirements -- and with their new vote today, they are without defense. I, for one will do MORE business with Arizona now and will work for a similar law for Texas.

Sueing everyone is not the answer. Vot out these Liberal politicians. It's the only way.

Has anyone run the County Commissioners through E-Verify????

Good idea. The Arizona law makes it mandatory for any employer to check this before hiring, just as it is law to complete an I-9. Please people, read and understand the law. The media is misinforming you.

you think you are going to hurt AZ ??? . I've only lived here for 10 months and already I have been approached by a lady in a shopping center that wanted me to give her work and she said.. shhh no papers!!! come on people. this law is not only for Mexicans.. but for illegals. PERIOD!!!!!

Hmm. That CAgirl isnt really accurate anymore is it? Welcome to HELL PASO!

get a life El Paso!

I'ed have to go to Phoenix for one.

Why are you supporting those that violate the law? Can I as a citizen born & raised in this country choose which laws to abide by & get a free pass for WILLFUL violations? I receive a harsher penalty for a traffic violation that an illegal receives for violating federal law willingly. Our national security is at stake – look at what happened in New York over the weekend. Many people from other foreign countries enter into Mexico & then cross illegally into this country without any expired papers


Not terrorists? Tell that to the families of the Arizona law enforment officer murdered by illegals - and the the family of Bob Krenz, the land owner murdered by illegals on his own land. A man who gave aid to many crossing through his property.

Do your research. The law opens the door for racial profiling. This is blatant racism and xenophobia. "Our national security is at stake." Really? We're threatened by undocumented farm workers in Arizona? I think your racist tendencies are shining through. Shame on you.

Maybe you should take a look at yourself.

You are racial for indicating that Mexican illegals should be treated differently. You are saying that because they are Mexican they get special treatment when they violate our law of immigration. YOU are the racist.

Legal and Elegal- look it up.

That's simply asinine, Desert-Rose. I think human beings -- and not just Mexicans -- should be treated with decency. Do I think illegal immigrants deserve the "special treatment" of being exploited for work and earning below-minimum wages? No, absolutely not. The threat that you feel Mexicans (or any marginalized group) poses to you is a result of YOUR racism. Believe me, I'm no more a racist than you are an open-minded, decent human being.

RE.Illegal is illegal no matter what your color.Millions of illegal mexicans are INVADING our country.They get free this & that while I,an Army Vet, disabled Minister cannot bring my Filipina of over a year to me as I own my land,home,truck and have a steady income.She's in health care.I would be married if she was mexican.With honesty, ALL humans have a bit of racism and you lie if you say you dont.Mexicans are shooting at our customs agents from mexican side and ambushed,shot a deputy 5-1-10.

Those who violate the law? these people are looking for a better life, trying to escape the harsh and violent conditions over in mexico. to me thats not breaking the law and i know for a fact if it were you, you'd be crossing over in heart beat so f**k off! and no im not mexican just a human being looking to help others who absolutly need it like those risking thier lives trying to cross over to the "land of oppurtunity"

Well I think they need to stay there,or go back, and change whats going on. How do you think this country came to be. The old saying " Freedom Isn't Free " still holds true today.

Dman.America is a hypocritical country.Here in Az.mexicans shot a cop tracking them with AK-47's.Shot from mexican side of border at customs,killed an American maybe more,kill livestock,break into homes and steal,rob bisinesses,molest kids and much more.I'm Army Vet,disabled,own home,land, truck but cannot bring my Filipina fiancee of over a year to me,customs won't allow it?Mexicans brought this on themselves as there are legal ways to enter. I cant find job as mexican Nationals have them all.

Yes, and 1.3 million people came legally to the USA last year. They are certainly welcome to apply and come in the front door, rather than breaking in like a thief in the night.

Well put.

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