El Paso County to Boycott Arizona


POSTED: Monday, May 3, 2010 - 2:58pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 12:19pm

El Paso - Cheers rang out after El Paso County Commissioners passed a resolution 3-2 calling for a boycott on Arizona.

The decision came after hours of debate, mostly from those against the Arizona law...

"The roots of this legislation, and I'm going to speak straight to you, is Nazi. That is where it comes from, it makes my blood boil."

But there were a small number of SB1070 supporters who did not want the resolution passed...

"I am not anti-immigrant, I am anti-illegal immigrant. Let's make that very, very, perfectly clear."

At times, things got heated and people pointed the finger at who they thought was wrong.

Even commissioners disagreed.

County Judge Anthony Cobos and Commissioner Dan Haggerty voted against the resolution....

"El Paso county has now parked all Arizona all residents of Arizona into the same corner also. They're now discriminating against businesses in Arizona, so I don't think it's the right approach."

Commissioner Willie Gandara, Jr. pushed the resolution.

It condemns the Arizona immigration law by calling for the county to end business with that state until the law is repealed...

"This bill was drafted in Arizona to racially profile Mexican-Americans, and that is not right. It's totally unconstitutional, and it's against the fabric of our life. This country was founded by immigrants."

The resolution also calls for El Pasoans to stop supporting businesses headquartered in Arizona.

While those against the Arizona law are happy with the county leader's stand, those for it say the resolution itself won't matter...

"It's as worthless as the paper it's written on, but I think it sends a negative message to the rest of the country, the rest of Texas that we're becoming a sanctuary city."

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It shows they are uninformed, inexperienced, & incapable of doing their job. They setup El Paso as a laughing stock on a national level. They win a political race with a big mouth full of teeth, then show what idiots they are on the job. Didn't this get examined & approved by their legal staff? For any "commissioner" to tell people of El Paso not to do business with another state is reprehensible. I hope someone sues these 3 mini-minds, & takes them to the cleaners.

You know why they support those that break the law?? Because most of those politicians in El Paso are just as crooked and "illegal" as the people that they are hiring to do their yard work, housecleaning and cooking in the local restaurants they enjoy flashing their political smile in... I'm a LONG TIME El Paso resident and I hate to say it but it is true about most of those politicians there. Stupid people do stupid things...NO ONE is above the law -- NO ONE. Watch out El Paso...

They support the law because that's their way of "buying votes". No cash exchanged, but buying the gratefullness of of futures constituents who got here the wrong way. If it were terrorists coming accross the border in masse (oh yes, they do come that route, but not in such huge numbers) it would be a battle cry to get them outta here!

I wonder if they know that aiding someone who is illegal is also federal crime. By dealing like an "El Paso Mafia" government body, and strong arming a bribe to Arizona people with business or lack thereof, we can pile on the felonies. Oh, my, I spell doggy poop on their shoes for sure. Let's see if the city government bites tomorrow.

If you go illegally to Mexico, they will throw you in Jail for 2 yrs, what a hypocrisy.
they want to show that these people can cross border because they THINK they have the right to go to another country without a permission.

I am planning to go and live in one of those people's house for couple of years, use their money and then demand that this house now belongs to me and then if they try to kick me out, I will call them Racist, or Nazi and boycott them.

If the Commissioners who voted in favor of the resolution kept up with the news and the latest polls, they shoud realize that they don't speak for the rest of El Paso. And by the way Mr. Gandara, have you ever heard about the "commerce" clause which happens to be in the United States Constituion? If you need help, you should go to the library.

I din't think Little Willie can read!

FANTASTIC! That's one I forgot. THANK you THANK you!

My family came here as immigrants from another country. They did not speak English or have any family here. They came here to escape communism that was happening in Russia. They learned the language, obeyed the laws and became citizens of the US LEGALLY. I have no problem with immigrants but to just let the flood gates open and have a free-for-all here in America is completely unacceptable. If people can not obey our laws then they need to go home to their native country and stay there!

El Paso's city council should be impeached for supporting illegal activities. INFORCE THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY !!!!!! Every immigrant from other countries have to enter the U.S.A. legally, what makes the Mexicans think they are above the law ?

What makes you think all illegals are Mexican or is that all you have the knowledge to say please before you make a statement like that get your facts in order and then read the law that was passed in AZ and inform yourself better and not make an ass of yourself!

I know a LOT of Patriotic Americans that hire illegals, and they won't hire Americans, ask them, WHY?This country was built in the backs of all immigrants:Europeans,Mexicans etc. all over the world. All come courtesy of our free-market economy, which demands VERY CHEAP LABOR.
If they don't find anybody here for very cheap labor our AMERICAN BOSS will go overseas and America will be more screw.I can tell you there is no straightforward path to citizenship.Takes years and a lot of $

This is NOT racial this is a situation we have in America because we tolerate ANY person coming to live here illegally. Look at what Juarez has and the fear Mexican citizens experience because their government has absolutly no responsibilty for the safety of their own citizens. I will proudly show my identification any time to any law inforcement to help keep my family, friends, and fellow Americans safe from harm. I appreciate my life in America and I believe in the honest process of immigrat

AMEN!!!! its bad when El Paso schools have to have training on how we are going to deal with the issues coming over the border into our school. you know like the junk in Juarez. I would not even think of going over there. its way to dangerous and yet if we don't change, it will eventually come our way... Help us God!

That should be considered a blessing to Arizona ! Just look at El Paso.

then go live in arizona buddy ha ha your probably hidding here duh

Goes to show you how stupid the El Paso County government really is. so much for them...idiots ! Screw the illegals !!!


Bob Grotenhuis - Producer of this story should write more about that El Paso County was not operating right today, because valued time (several hours) was wasted by debating a resulution that has no meaning and it's as worthless as the paper it's written on! Why are you reporting only the persons that voted against the resulution?
That shows your personal opinon, or do you want to put any pressure on County Judge Anthony Cobos and Commissioner Dan Haggerty for showing the right responsibility?

I am disgusted to hear about people complaining about the law in Arizona. This law was instituted for the safety of the citizens of Arizona. I wish Texas would follow suit. It is a shame to hear so many distorting the facts and saying that this is about race. It is clever that they do this in order to obfuscate what the truth is. The situation is dire and is only going to get worse. El Paso should back this law up. US citizens should be the priority to the US not illegal aliens.

Commissioner Gandara and the rest who voted for the resolution probably have relatives that are here illegally. They scare ignorant people by bashing in their brains "profiling, racisism, Nazi, etc." You sure do not speak for us, my family supports Arizona. I am tired of my tax dollars supporting those who are here illegally. They keep on having anchor babies so they won't be deported, instead of taking care of business and establish residency or citizenship.

That's not the reason, Elections are coming up.

What a backwards city this is becoming. I am embarrassed to be from El Paso now. What is more important, supporting Mexico, or supporting America, her laws and processes for getting things done? What I see clearly in this city is that no facts are necessary when dealing with the issue of illegal aliens; just senseless emotion, gossip, innuendo and foolish fears. People say, "why can't we all just get along? That answer is disgustingly clear in El Paso!

no kidding all we hear is " our sister city" bla, bla, bla.. well how about our sister start paying for their own junk instead of our tax dollars!

Vendors & purchasing contracts that apply from Arizona can now sue the county if they don't get business. The two commissioners voting yes on the bill can be sued personally. Based on established purchasing rules, the county is obligated to allow businesses to apply for competitive pricing that best benefits the tax payers. It is obvious the 3 commissioners are legally clueless, have not read Arizona's law 1070, nor are they familar with the Supreme Court decision in Terry vs. Ohio from 1968.

I'm glad the city is reacting this way, it truly represents what the community of El Paso stands for, which is that every person is created equal no matter where they come from, this law discriminates latinos and it involves racial profiling no matter how we see it, they're not going to ask for papers to white blue eyed people will they? they will ask for papers to the brown hispanic community, I'm glad the city acted and passed this resolution.

You notice who is crying a river??? the latinos... I think the bill was for ALL illegals. regardless of where they came from... did you not read the news. people from other non mexican locations cause problems too.. we are trying to STOP the problems. but you supposedly US citizens want to stir up strife and cause us to fight among ourselves. Divided we fall. stop trying to rally & cry discrimination & START obeying the laws and be US proud or go home!

Because some people decide to question laws rooted in racism, designed in a state known for racist tendencies (i.e. not wanting Martin Luther King Jr. day to be a holiday), doesn't make us any less American. YOU certainly don't get to say what defines "US Proud." I read the message on the Statue of Liberty, and that makes me "US proud" - I read your statements and wonder what drives that kind of intolerance. "Go home!" Please. We are home CAgirl - no matter how uncomfortable that makes you

That is not correct. Every person is permitted due process under the law. They are not entitled to free health care, free housing, and other benefits as an illegal. Benefits are for citizens. We are not created equal. Some are stronger, some smarter, some better looking, some smarter, and some less, but are entitled to have our case judged fairly in court.

Lets recall those Commissioners who voted for this asinine resolution. Obviously, they must side with those who commit illegal acts, criminals. The Arizona Law specifically prohibits profiling and is only outlawing sanctuary cities. Maybe what should be said is that the state of Arizona will no longer provide state funds of any kind to illegal aliens. They will have to pay for their own medical needs, educational needs, or incarceration fees. I guarantee you Mexico requires it of illegals.

my family came here legally in 1960 from turkey, my boyfriend's came here in 1975 from japan. if our families can do it, yours can too.

I will gladly support Arizona and will take my next vacation to the great state of Arizona!!! I as a frustrated El Pason will support them. I agree with CAgirl, El Paso get a life and concentrate on the problems in this city caused by illegal immigrants. Worry about your own backyard before you go worry about anothers in another state.

Yes, please take that vacation. Make it an extended one. By your tone, it sounds like you belong there.


Who chose you? Arizona is a beautiful state with very hard working people and ranchers. We are the ONLY state BRAVE enough to enforce a NATIONAL LAW.Sounds live you need a vacation to deep southern rizona.Oh you may need a bullet proof vest,illegals dont care where your from or who's side your on.I lived and worked in Colorado.It's Government made it an ugly state for me.It's a police state and your cops murder more innocent citizens than any state.You stay there Az is poluted enough by illegals

Give me a break, next vacation to Az what a cheap ass, unless you are native american you are also an immigrant. Let's not forget who came to this land illegally first, get off your high horse and appreciate what immigrants have done for you up to this point. Take a look at the lowest paid jobs in the US and tell me how does them, would you do the same work for the same pay. Who introduced the Bracero program in the US and who benefited the most out of it. Educate yourself before talking

You left out one important word LEGAL!

Who came illegally first? Hmmmm I believe the Spaniards did.Since history has been recorded, the strong have ALWAYS defeated the weaker. We came to be free from Kings rule. We killed whites like mexicans do, but not back then. British brought the first black slaves.I an Army Vet, disabled have and would do their jobs for their pay.I have at $2.50 an hour,15 hour days, 1/2 day off.Mexicans down here in souther Az make more than I do live in better homes in mexico. If you don't believe in law move


I am sadly dissapointed in our county commisioners for passing this boycott. What part of illegal do theese people not understand? If i were to take one step into Mexico illegally id be dealt with quite harshly and punished severly. Most people fail to see the negative impact illegals place on our county locally on a daily basis. Mexican Citizens come into El Paso and abuse medical services with no intention of ever paying for them. All I can say is way to go Arizona!!!

I am very disappointed myself. Shame on them.

The person above making the statement ..."the roots is Nazi"...has the mentality of a horse - I am ashamed that such statements are made by our so called leaders - he or she should go to Mexico where NAZISSUM is practiced and the law of the land

by the way I was born and raised under the "Nazi" regime - imigrated to these United States leagally and swor to uphold the law of the land - try to work and stay in any country in Europe or in Mexico for that matter without proper papers or documentation you go to jail - the resolution and rompus about the Arizona law has nothing to do with profiling and is all about breaking the law of the land - El Paso being a sanctuary for Law Breakers is a good description -

Really? Is that why so many Nazis fled to Mexico and South America after WWII. Just asking. If El Paso is described as a sanctuary -- a hospitable space for any human being -- then that's a good thing. By the way, you mention you're an immigrant, and so welcome here. I hope the hospitality this area of the country has shown you will somehow rub off on you (although, it doesn't seem likely if you're intolerant after 60 years here).


What kind of message are we swending? It is okay to brake the law if your not a US citizen. Come on do things the right way, get legal. We should be protesting to help these people get legal. Not protesting to allow illegals to break the law. We are only going to hurt our own economy by boycotting Arizona businesses. Be more productive with you time help them get legal.

The law in AZ is unconstitutional period. It potentially violates the constitutional rights of virtually every single American out there,though Hispanics will be unfairly targeted further bringing the lawfulness of this legislation into question.

Then invite them to live with you and see how much they wear out their welcome at your house

What school did you attend? I don't want to send my kids there!

Using your reasoning, the Federal Law also violates contitutional rights since Arizona law mirrors the Federal one. Have you read the constitution?

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