El Paso County to Boycott Arizona


POSTED: Monday, May 3, 2010 - 2:58pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 12:19pm

El Paso - Cheers rang out after El Paso County Commissioners passed a resolution 3-2 calling for a boycott on Arizona.

The decision came after hours of debate, mostly from those against the Arizona law...

"The roots of this legislation, and I'm going to speak straight to you, is Nazi. That is where it comes from, it makes my blood boil."

But there were a small number of SB1070 supporters who did not want the resolution passed...

"I am not anti-immigrant, I am anti-illegal immigrant. Let's make that very, very, perfectly clear."

At times, things got heated and people pointed the finger at who they thought was wrong.

Even commissioners disagreed.

County Judge Anthony Cobos and Commissioner Dan Haggerty voted against the resolution....

"El Paso county has now parked all Arizona all residents of Arizona into the same corner also. They're now discriminating against businesses in Arizona, so I don't think it's the right approach."

Commissioner Willie Gandara, Jr. pushed the resolution.

It condemns the Arizona immigration law by calling for the county to end business with that state until the law is repealed...

"This bill was drafted in Arizona to racially profile Mexican-Americans, and that is not right. It's totally unconstitutional, and it's against the fabric of our life. This country was founded by immigrants."

The resolution also calls for El Pasoans to stop supporting businesses headquartered in Arizona.

While those against the Arizona law are happy with the county leader's stand, those for it say the resolution itself won't matter...

"It's as worthless as the paper it's written on, but I think it sends a negative message to the rest of the country, the rest of Texas that we're becoming a sanctuary city."

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I definitely agree...it is the law & if you dont have anything to hide dont fight the law



Thanks to the internet, I will be telling people from Arizona to boycott El Paso. I'm sure the county commissioners won't miss any tourism money, or money from products that are made here, that ship out to Arizona. What's fair is fair.

This has nothing to do with anything except for political votes and that's it period!!!! The El Paso officials could careless what happens in AZ.

RE.....I'm all for anyone wanting to come to America but they will need to follow procedures just as I had to do and become a legal citizen. America cannot afford to care for all these individuals and besides, the majority send their money back to Mexico and the crime for illegals in AZ is at 80%. What do you have to say for that????

To Dman.If you really want to help them,go to Mexico and change their ways of thinking.The solution is not having any citizen from other poor countries to come to USA to solve their problems,but fighting for their rights in their own countries.

Look at the NY suspect with the SUV. The seller of the SUV from the Craig's List ad said the buyer was a male who looked Middle Eastern or Hispanic. Was he being racial? Big difference between racial and descriptive? Look up the Civl Rights Acts from 1875, 1957, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968 and 1991. There is no free lunch, & you don't have the right to happiness, just to pursue it legally based on your talents, skills and hard work.

I am appalled at the EP County Govt. How dare they boycott the state of AZ where their representatives are trying to protect the citizens of their state. Guess that shows us that we cannot count on our County to protect El Paso Citizens. Arizona’s immigration law is not racial profiling, it states a person must already be detained for breaking a law prior to having their citizenship checked. I hope TX passes a similar law. I have no problem with people immigrating to the US legally and have frie

friends who have, but illegal immigration is just that “illegal” and should be dealt with as such.

I am appalled at the EP County Govt. How dare they boycott the state of AZ where their representatives are trying to protect the citizens of their state. Guess that shows us that we cannot count on our County to protect El Paso Citizens. Arizona’s immigration law is not racial profiling, it states a person must already be detained for breaking a law prior to having their citizenship checked. I hope TX passes a similar law. I have no problem with people immigrating to the US legally and have frie

Things are getting worse by the day in Juarez and later in time El Paso will be trying to pass the same laws as Arizona. I'm tired of paying for food, rent, and medical care for people who don't pay taxes, stock up on brand name foods and drive expensive cars and say derogatory things about the US while I search for the cheapest deals. Security is an inconvenience! Check me at the airport, check my id against my credit card. Keep me safe in the county I love and proudly pay to live in!

I Believe we need Border Reform but this is a step in the right Direction. We should pressure the Mexican Government to reform and make it a better quality of life for their citizens. Please remember the County of El Paso is 10 mil in the hole. With Boycotting Az it could Bankrupt the county. What happens who then decides which department get budget cut. Social Services, Sheriff Office. Who protect the legal citizens of El Paso then?

I am Hispanic and an American citizen first. People need to read the bill before making a judgement. Documentation will only be requested by law enforcement if the person commits a traffic violation or some other crime. It is not about racial profiling -
if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. The trouble with illegal aliens is simply that their hearts are in Mexico and theirs stomachs are in the United States! Mexico needs to take care of their own.


American-Mexican or simply America , have you idiot looked across the line or when you visit there what its like in JUAREZ??? Is that what you want AZ and El Paso to end up like, if so just keep looking the other way and make lame excuse for breaking the law and some day El Paso can be a drug dealing, murder capitol of the SouthWest also. So glad I live in a state that stands up for America. EP city council you need our money more than we need yours, Boycot please!! HAHA vote those idots out!

I live in AZ and grew up in EP, Im American with 100% latin blood. Im proud to say that AZ has the Cajones to do whats right. To all you idots that say its racial profiling we live on the border and 90% of the illegal aliens-not immigrants because that would mean they came here legally are of Hispanic Culture HELLO look where we live its! Its just the way it is. Dont break the law dont get pulled over, carry ID which is a Texas State law, learn to speak the adopted language and be proud to be ..

Please tell me what a murderer looks like, or a rapist, or a pedophile, or a wife abuser or for that matter any other criminal. I will bet that an image came to mind with each title (what you weren't profiling?) When you can answer that then answer this: What does an illegal immigrant look like? Then forward your answer to you friendly neighborhood law enforcer. You are the one that should be ashamed. How do you plan on protecting the USA? I support Arizona!!

Good. I hope as many illegals as possible come to infest El Passhole. I'm leaving.

give me a brake, i gota stay hear!

Jay the reason illegals do the same work for far less is becasue in thier country its a weeks worth for a days pay so they undercut a fair wage that YES even myself would cut your yard or clean your house for. Americans are not lazy they will do the work but not for a insulting price when unemployment pays more. Oh and those many immigrants that helped build this country were invited here.They learned the adopted English language and assimulated and call themselves Americans not Mexican-American

Here's a thought, why not just apply current immigration laws equally. When a group whines and cries prejudice because it somehow cannot follow the rules, then the government is cruel, etc., when it enforces the law. The law then pounces on people who follow the law despite the fact that they meet all the prequisites for being a contributing citizen. Apparently we do not need professionals in El Paso, just folks who know how to circumvent fences and apply for welfare.

Don't you realize we only want non-productive immigrants in El Paso. He was a tax-payer and wage earner, and working on getting his LEGAL papers, so was not welcome!

Just to finish the story about the Lebanese eye surgeon. Guess what he did to deserve the wrath of the INS? He moved to El Paso from Baltimore. Was he stupid, no, he sought the counsel of an immigration lawyer who told him the move was legal. El Paso lost a brilliant and talented individual who went by the book but was deported by a bunch of bureaucrats. If we don't do something, we prevent many more people just like him from staying. If the law is the law, please apply it to everyone.

Less than two months ago a young Lebanese physician, who trained at Johns Hopkins University in surgery of the eye, was deported from the United States and forced to go back to Lebanon. He had lived and trained in the United States for over ten years and was getting his green card. He chose to come to El Paso and to work at Texas Tech, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine and serve our underserved area. He is one of the most talented retinal surgeons in the world. BUT, he had to leave the Unite

Elements of reasonable suspicion & probably cause were settled by the Supreme Court in 1968. This is standard for all police work since that time and is taught in law enforcement academies. The case was Terry vs. Ohio. Below is a quick link to a
summary document. It's nothing new. Information is essential before you sound off. Knowledge is gold. http://www.fas.org/sgp/crs/intel/m013006.pdf

The Supreme Court decision is here:

I read a lot of anger and ethnic racism in these posts;but this anger is misplaced. The truly un-American is the people who hire the illegals and the government entities who look the other way so as not to interfere with the so-called free market.

I am pro Arizona's new State Law. This is what it takes to stop illegal immigrants coming into United States. The people that are waving Mexico's flag and protesting out in the street with their signs written in spanish. Excuse me, we don't speak spanish here. Wave your flag in Mexico, not here in United states. Maybe you'll get notice or maybe you'll get shot at. The Law does not mention, Mexicans. It's for illegal immigrants. Anyone can be illegal immigrant with no proper documents.

Most people do not under stand the difference between Legal and Elegal.

I'm getting so damn tired of the hypocracy in this city (El Paso)it just goes on and on and has no end, I'm going to buy as much Arizona tea as i can afford and any other products as i learn that they ae coming from Arizona. You all in Government here in El Paso are a bunch of cowards and have no business managing a community that knows the difference between when the law is broken and when your to chicken to enforce it for fear of upsetting your on kind. When you break the Law you have to pay

Joespenthouse.I'm proud your am American.I've been to El Paso many times as I dated a mexican woman from there.I see the cloud of pollution that hangs over your city.Seems like youe Government would be better addressing their own problem than trying to boycott a beautiful state like Az?I belive the drug lords has a hand in your city Government?They don't mention all the murders and rapes on both sides of your border? America is bad enough without allowing in so many of these potential criminals.

the resolution does not reflect El Pasoans, it reflects just bunch of leftist politically biased people who wants to show to illegals that they will give them everything for breaking the law, (i wonder how many illegals read this, i doubt, if they can even read....lol.)

this is what I am talking about. Why all the fuss about Arizona law, its a good law, and of course the police has to be careful who they are stopping. The first clue should be the person cannot speak English, a very strong reason they may be illegals here. I am not saying that everyone who doesn't speak English is illegal. but the majority of them are. Well said Sean

I am Mexican American. Born and raised in the US. As I entertain all the comments above, I understand every one's point of view. However, if I can stop you because you look illegal then aren't we really saying "you are guilty until you can prove your self innoscent!" Are we ready to open that pandora's box? Is this nation ready to go there again?

Look up what the Az. law say's. Ya got to know the facts and it is obvious you, like so many outhers, just jumped to conclusions about the AZ. law.

Anywhere you must prove your citizenship,the law merely states w/out carrying legal documents, state & local law enforcement agencies can enforce & crack down on those sheltering, hiring & transporting illegal aliens. Its the people that are racial profiling. I agree in a sense...Whos to say that some1 is from Mexico just because they're brown, or from Africa just because they're black, or from Ireland just because they have red hair? How will they avoid discrimination & comply w/civil rights?

Our politicians remind me of the liberals who destroyed France in the time of the French Revolution. Our politicians don't care about 'the people', and our existing laws. They bind us with rules, however they exempt themselves from obeying the law of the land. That's Democrats for you, always perverting and twisting our minds and government. Obama is the first to demise law enforcement agencies. Shame on the liberals for bankrupting our nation and failing to protect us.

EL Paso politicians who voted for this resolution against Arizona should be drop off in Juarez so they could be ransom by the illegals they are trying to protect.Instead of representing the taxpayer's who put You in office all you can do is promote, demand rights, priveleges and entitlements for people who are looking for a better life off the backs of Americans tax payers.Illegals get subsidized housing,free healthcare,free food,paid utlities,etc... Wake up America.

Ladies and Gentlemen, since Veronica Escobar doesn't want any laws restricting illegals, I recommend that we all talk to our friends and have them talk to their friends via e-mail, phone, or voice and tell them to vote for Jaime Perez. At least he wants to control the illegals. We don't need someone like her leading our county with that attitude.

Viva Mexico
Viva nuestro pais de Atzlan
Juntos, ay vamos a recuperar nuestro pais que nos quitaron los gringos.

Viva Gandara!

All you morons that are for this stupid law for real? Through this law any enforcement officer can stop you and ask you for proof of citizenship if you look Hispanic.It does not matter wether you are legal or not. That is racisim pure and simple.I'm for enforcing the law but not at the expense of one group of people. Let us not forget we came to this land and pilfered it,stole it from the natives put them in reservations and forced them to speak our language.Lets ask them who the real illegal is

Anyone that doesn't like the new Arizona law is more than welcome to pack their bags and move to Mexico. If you noticed the ones that voted to boycot Az were all mexican. All they're worried about is getting the mexican vote so they can get more welfare. I'll be going to Phoenix withing the next 2 weeks. I'll let them know that El Paso leaders are, and will always be the most ignorant people in the country. I hope we all remember when it's time to re-elect these people.

They have my vote!

This whole thing keeps getting more ridiculous. First of all, having to show ID to a cop when asked is .. and has been .. mandated by law. I have to do it, why should an illegal not have to? I don't see what the problem is .. it's the law. Follow it or pay the penalty; American citizen or otherwise. 2nd, a boycott? Really?? Who are you hurting there? Someone in business to feed his/her family, not the state. Not the cops. Not an illegal alien. Only a hard working American citizen.

At the end of the month, I will be moving from El Paso, and I can't wait. This place is too crowded with people that are here illegally. What the county commisioners are doing is saying that it is OK to let anyone into this country, like criminals from Mexico that can't get the proper paperwork to come over legally. I know, let in all the terrorists and cartel people and see how safe this city will be. We are moving because my family does not feel safe here.

I am married to a LEGALLY immigrated and naturalized man who spent years & money getting that status. The AZ law does NOTHING only enforces U.S. laws already on the books. Open borders?! What NONSENSE. El Paso Voters - pay attention to what your rep did today. DO SOMETHING with your vote next time! As for Mexican citizens saying ANYTHING about what happens in my country MYOB. Go home to gripe to YOUR government about its policies on its own borders!

"I'm full of it" say the speakers on the ad promoting El Paso. County Commissioners, now you deserve the right to make your own "I'm full of it" commercial. However it can't be pride that your "FULL OF" otherwise you wouldn't have embarrassed our City with yur decision to boycott Arizona. PROFESSING THEMSELVS TO BE WISE, MEN ECOME FOOLS..ROMANS 1:22

Our County Commissioners have embarrassed us again. All Arizona is trying to do is enforce laws that our federal government should be enforcing. Good for you, Arizona. EP Commissioners, start studying the Arizona law before you make such hasty, ill-advised resolutions. Once again, El Paso has shown its lack of knowledge on national issues. Get with the program, El Paso! You've embarrassed yourself again!

I wish everyone who agrees with Arizona, to send them a check for $1.00 payable to We suuport you Arizona. It will never be cashed, but sends the message loud and clear!

Apparently you have your facts wrong. It's not Arizona, but the Republicans in Arizona who are doing this! Didn't it upset you when President Bush showed you and people like you what he thought of the US Constitution. He wiped his butt with it and it made you happy! Now that is a criminal with total disregard for the law. His dad pardoned all his criminals friends. Remember, Iran-Contra Deal!! Guns, Drugs, Remember!! This is not about immigration, but dividing the country! Wake Up America!!!

Enforce laws? I just wonder how many blond haired, blue eyed individuals will be stopped in Arizona and ask to prove their citizenship. After all, there are people in this country with such traits that are here illegally.I think it's GREAT that the commissioners passed this resolution. It shows that we are proud Americans, proud of our heritage and ancestry and should not be submitted to such ridicule. We in El Paso embrace all, not just the select few.

Although I am a proud Mexican American, I feel like a disgraced El Paso(an) thanks to the County Commissioners decision. Our County Govt. has no business critiizing legal decisons of other states. No wonder this city is a joke to citizens of other Texas cities. Now the County invites the rest of the nation to feel the same! I love our UTEP Miners, but with EP County calling on a boycott on Arizona, we rightly deserve it if AZ. and other states discurage athletes from coming to UTEP.

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