El Paso County extends contract with sportspark architect

El Paso County extends contract with sportspark architect
Monday, November 4, 2013 - 7:48pm

On Monday, the County of El Paso approved a $50,000 contract extension with the architect of the El Paso County Sportspark in east El Paso.

The $7.5 million project was supposed to be done in August, but disagreements between the architects and the contractors have caused major delays. On Monday, it was a blame game between the architect, Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc. and the contractors, Sunlight Enterprises.

"They just never planned the project properly," said a representative with Parkhill, Smith and Cooper, Inc.

"We have been castigated in the public arena as being the ones that are the cause of this," said a representative with Sunlight Enterprises.

Before the vote, frustrated representatives with Sunlight Enterprises said they disagreed with an additional $50,000 extension between the county and the architect. They said they've never requested additional money for the delayed project.

"We’re all big boys around here and we should all take our lickings the way we have to," said another representative with Sunlight Enterprises.

Several times, Judge Veronica Escobar reiterated the vote did not involve the contractor.

"We had a discussion in executive session about the contractual relationship between the architect and the county. Nothing more. The motion is not about you," said Judge Escobar.

After the heated discussion, the county approved the extension and said they’re focused on one thing.

"Our focus right now is getting that sportspark done, finished, ready for the public and the families who deserve to have access to it," said Judge Escobar.

The additional $50,000 is coming from the county's capital projects fund.

It was unclear when the sportspark would be complete. Judge Escobar said they'll have a better idea on November 18 when phase one of construction was expected to be finished.

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