El Paso City Hall implosion rattles downtown, makes way for new baseball stadium


POSTED: Sunday, April 14, 2013 - 8:44am

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 10:36am

El Paso City Hall collapsed to the ground following an implosion Sunday morning. The controversial demolition of the nearly 40-year-old building makes way for a new baseball stadium, amid much controversy and legal wrangling which consumed the city throughout the past year.

Council members voted in favor of a resolution to tear down City Hall and the Insights Museum on June 26, 2012.  That decision began a flurry of petitions, court cases, and protests.  Ten months later, on the eve of the demolition, residents holding true to to their opposition gathered for a farewell outside the marked building.

The Coalition for Responsive Government, the group which collected 10,000 signatures and took the city to court in Austin, held signs and expressed their discontent Saturday evening around sunset. 

Meanwhile, El Paso anxiously awaits the arrival of their new Triple A baseball team. The Tucson Padres are beginning their final season before the team moves to their new stadium in El Paso. 











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well, the future is here ! cool. i wander why they want a baseball stadium , if you open a poll and ask what sport el paso wants the most, im sure they will respond ..SOCCER , or FOOTBALL, personally i will spend 100.00 or more to see any local football team play the REDSKINS, the COWBOYS, NINERS you mame it, or watch any local soccer team plays the best teams in this particular sport. but baseball.....wooow ! think about it. or we will have a new stadium for another giant FLEA MARKET.


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