El Paso Children's Hospital to Open in 40 Days


POSTED: Thursday, January 5, 2012 - 9:01pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 9, 2012 - 9:22am

EL PASO- Until now El Paso was the largest city in the country without a children's hospital.
Construction began in 2009 and in just 40 days the new hospital will allow children with serious illnesses to stay in El Paso for treatment.
"What happens is that kids end up having to leave town for their care..they go to San Antonio or Houston or Dallas," said Lawrence Duncan, El Paso Children's Hospital's CEO .

One year old Erin Nicole was born with a hole in her heart. She needed surgery almost immediately after birth, but she was just too small and doctors were scared she wouldn't survive the operation. They performed a smaller procedure to help Erin Nicole Marquez survive until she gained weight. Next week her family will take her to San Antonio for the open heart surgery she needs. "It's been hard especially getting time off work which they have been really nice about it but it's hard and to get away and then we're leaving our six year old daughter at home due to the fact she's in school," said Ray Marquez, Erin's father.

Depending on Erin Nicole's recovery time..the family could be in San Antonio for up to a month. That will be tough, because both parents have jobs here in El Paso. “At San Antonio when we were out there the first time we met a lot of people that were from El Paso and they were out there seven months, four months and some of them, they lost their jobs from being out there so long." They are hoping the same will not happen to them.

The Marquez family is excited that El Paso will now have a hospital dedicated to children like Erin Nicole. When they return from El Paso, the Children' s Hospital will be open, and available for their daughter's checkups.

CEO Lawrence Duncan said “we're just excited that the dream's becoming a reality for the entire team here and it will be here for the citizens in this county especially the children.”

The Marquez Family and their friends are hosting a car show. The event is open to all classifications: Muscle Car, Hot Rod, 4x4, Low rider, Euro, Classics, Bagged Trucks,etc.

This is an all donation event. All benefits collected during the event will be awarded to the Marquez family that same day.

Set up time: 9am-11am: To be a part of this event there will be a minimum donation of $10.

Time: 12pm-4pm

Address: La Terraza Parking Lot

                 11250 Montwood 79936

 For questions or to participate contact Monica (915) 276-6628 or Mike (915) 238-8876.

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Way to go ELP!!! Slowly but surely ELP is poised to become one of this countries all time great cities. Low crime rate, blue skies, great educational opportunities, and now great health accessability - all we will be missing is a great attraction like theme park and or a major sports franchise.

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