Earthquake Rattles East Coast; Can it Happen in El Paso?

Earthquake Rattles East Coast; Can it Happen in El Paso?

POSTED: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 7:46pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 26, 2011 - 3:00pm

EL PASO - After that earthquake rattled nerves on the east coast yesterday, you might be wondering if a quake could ever hit El Paso.

The answer is yes, according to a geology professor at UTEP. In fact, it's happened before and she says chances are, it'll happen again.

"We're located near a number of faults. The mountains that you see around El Paso, the reason they're here is because the earthquakes lifted them up above the valley,” said Diane Doser, a professor at UTEP.

Two earthquakes hit northern Chihuahua, Mexico, in April; and were felt by a few people in El Paso.

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Alot of people have always known that an eathquake can happen in El Paso but what is the city doing to prevent any major damage? The city of Oklahoma in the aftermath of the Federal building bombing by Timothy Mc Veight (?), developed stricter building codes to secure buidings from crumbling as easily as that buiding did when it was bombed but it took this event to "awaken" that city to take action. When is El Paso going to awaken??? We dont have even "slight" quake proof buildings here...

Vago My Brother, you want "quake proof buildings" in El Paso? Who are you referring to when you say "the city." Is it the City of El Paso? The citizens of this City? And how much do you think these "quake proof" buildings will cost and who will pay for them? The City of El Paso? The citizens of this City? Should we also make all buildings in the City bomb proof? Who will pay to have them bomb proof? While were at it lets make all buildings airplane proof.

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