Dynamic of City Council could change with new representative


POSTED: Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 9:30pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 21, 2014 - 12:27pm

With Claudia Ordaz now set to take District 6 Rep. Eddie Holguin's place, the entire dynamic of the district and City Council could change.

During Holguin's time as representative, he said he helped turn around District 6 by securing funding for roads and parks.

But a new representative brings new options to the table.

District 6 includes parts of the Lower Valley and East El Paso.

UTEP political science professor, Greg Rocha, said the district and Holguin, always felt left out from city funding.

"They don't feel like they get the resource of the city, for instance, the way the west side or the east side does. So that has been a major part of Holguin's time while he was on City Council," explained Rocha.

"I always put my district first, before I put any other part of town ahead of mine," said former Rep. Holguin.

Former El Paso mayor, John Cook, worked with Holguin for a number of years.

Cook said while they may have had their differences, especially with Representative Holguin historically voting "no" on issues, he said the district has turned around.

"Whatever Representative Holguin's leadership style was, his district was never neglected,” said Cook. “He always got something for his district."

“We really did accomplish a lot,” said Holguin.

But with Holguin heading out the door, and the winner of Saturday’s election, Ordaz, heading in, the entire dynamic of Council could change.

"She could be someone who looks at things quite a bit differently than Holguin did," said Rocha.

Cook agrees.

"If you have a vocal de-center from the direction council wants to move in it can seriously impact the rest of the meeting and the cooperation that people on council get from each other," he said.

And the work begins for the new City Council.

"Always remain true to the people that elected them,” said Holguin.
Up next for City Council is tackling this year's city budget.

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