Drug Growing Operation Busted Near Schools


POSTED: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - 1:28pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 - 11:47am

EL PASO, TX - Drug busts are common in the Borderland, but this one is something else. A marijuana growing operation in an affluent neighborhood near El Paso schools.

Sheriff's deputies busted the drug growing operation last Friday. They say several marijuana plants, along with illegal mushrooms, were found at a home in the 6900 block of Imperial Ridge.

A Sheriff's Deputy lives right next door to the house where the drugs were found. He wouldn't talk to us on camera, but off camera he said it makes him angry that his neighbors thought they could do this right next door to him and not get caught.

We knocked on other neighbors' doors to get their take on drugs in their neighborhood, but not one person we spoke with wanted to go on camera. However, we were told the people who live at the house are quiet, and there's never been a problem before.

"I've only been in this neighborhood for six months and no, I never thought something like this would happen," one neighbor said.

He said it's upsetting that drugs were found in the neighborhood because schools are nearby.

"We have the Cross Country team running through here. The park is close by, there's always kids around."

No one was inside when police did the bust so no one's been arrested yet. However, police say several people could be facing charges. We'll keep you up to date.

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Haha, the plants are most likey nasty brick weed. People are dumb for thinking that brick weed can be grown into something beautiful. Leave it up to the professionals. Not mexicans or dumb kids. Boycott buying brick weed. Your just smoking rolled up wood.

Cheap bricks?!?!? You have no idea....LEGALIZE IT!

Just curious why the information on WHERE a police officer lives needs to be public information on this webcast, especially in a city where the drug cartels try to control our lives already! Police officers put there lives on the line so that we can be protected but they also have families and by putting out this information to the public is extremely dangerous not only to their lives but also to their families. Had this particular officer been involved with this situation it would be different.

20 cannabis plants under a MH(medal halide) a month or so into vegetation started from seed in home depot buckets.. nothing fancy here, just some ones frugal grow experiment. seeds probably picked out from cheap brick weed across the border. They probably havent even shown their sex yet...10 plants, if they're lucky will be female. there will be no more than a yield of a pound at harvest... so unless this renter has already paid 2 months in advance.. no more than 1grand in profit. thnx prop 215!

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