Driver Trying To Avoid Crash Kills Woman


POSTED: Sunday, October 3, 2010 - 9:40pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - 5:31pm

EL PASO - One woman is dead and another hospitalized after they were hit by a driver trying to avoid an accident.

Police say on Saturday morning an East-bound driver swerved into oncoming traffic on Loop 375 and hit another car. To avoid hitting the two cars that crashed, a third driver swerved into the emergency lane where the two women were walking. Police say that driver hit and killed 33-year old Elizabeth Hernandez.

The driver that swerved into traffic fled the scene, and has still not been found.

No word on any charges.

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From my understanding this was on transmountain not the freeway. A lot of people walk and ride their bikes on transmountain road.

My apology. I was thinking freeway. The ladies certainly had a right to be there like everyone else. It is beautiful, but I am scared to walk it, unfortunately for the very reason of what happened. I feel walking and hiking trails and bike trails should be separate from roads with cars. Too many times, it just takes a few seconds to veer past the line. I am very sorry for what happend to ms. Henandez, who was just taking a leisurely walk, and her friend and family in this horrific event

Why were 2 women waliking on the freeway. Pedestrians are not suppose to be there. Did theircar break down, this story is incomplete. If their car did not break down, they are clearly at fault for their own demise, as they are not suppose to be there. This report needs more info. It is against the law for a pedestrian to walk on a freeway because of the ease to get oneself killed in such a manner.

I know both the amazing women that were hurt and killed. They were walking on transmountain road as training for the transmountain challenge coming up. It is not their fault! They did everything right just wrong place at the wrong time. Please do not blame the victims. The driver who caused the accident and left should be questioned. ....Not these two amazing women that have 5 kids between them including a baby and one whose birthday is tomorrow. In honor of Liz Hernandez, please refrain.

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