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Sunday, December 21, 2014 - 1:23pm

Driver: Juarez Gunshot Hit My Car


POSTED: Monday, December 3, 2012 - 6:18pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 9:31am

About a dozen El Paso PD officers descended Monday afternoon on a parked SUV at Missouri and Randolph. The driver told them a gunshot hit her car as she drove, and that the bullet struck the frame of the passenger door.

A few minutes before, the woman had been driving on West Paisano, and just about the time she reached the border fence, she heard something on that side of the car facing Juarez, something like a bullet, she thought.

She took a left, and parked a couple blocks further into El Paso. The police arrived in groups..they took turns inspecting the car. then.. they told her the bad news, that she was wrong, which was also the good news: no bullet hit her car.

Police Sgt. Darryn Clark tells Newschannel 9, "Based on the crime scene officers and our own doesn't appear to be a bullet. It may a small rock or something of that nature, but at this point it doesnt seem to be what we initially thought it was"

There's little doubt that some drivers experience higher blood presure when they drive this section of road. You cant help but look across the border and think of the violence which has scarred Juarez. And people recall not  long ago when a stray round from across the river struck a woman in the leg as she shopped in downtown El Paso. Apparentlythat's what this inicident comes down to...trepidation and fear.

This reporter asked Sgt Clark, "Did she seem particularly concerned that she was driving near the border and that this may have been gunfire from across the river?"  He responded, "Well certainly people see things on the news..and when you see that kind of impact you think maybe a bullet is coming across...but that's not what it was"


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Seems to be that this driver was trying to pull the wool over everybodys eyes. I think she was trying to pull a fast one. The hole had rust on it so it could not of been caused that day. She wasted valuable time that the police could of spent doing some real police work. She is lucky she did not get cited for making a false claim. Get a life girl.

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