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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 8:39pm

Dream Act Offers Path to Citizenship


POSTED: Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 10:00am

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 2:00pm

WASHINGTON D.C. - A bill that would grant citizenship eligibility to up to two million young illegal immigrants could be voted on in both the U.S. House and Senate today.

Under the Dream Act, citizenship could only be granted if the illegal immigrant goes to college or serves in the military.

The Dream Act is a first step in a long-running, politically charged fight between those who want to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship and those who don't.

Some republicans say the bill would provide amnesty to lawbreakers and argue that securing the nation's borders should come first.

The white house has touted the bill as a measure that will strengthen the nation's military and its economy.

Dream is an acronym for development, relief and education for alien minors act.

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The dream act is not a direct path to citizenship, before you give an opinion, you need to be well informed.
First, students will get a special type of permit to live in the USA. Second, they need to go to Univ or Military for two years before they become legal residents. Finally, they would have to wait about 5 more years to become US citizens. Am I the only one who pays attention?? I know, this article says otherwise, but it seems that this TV station wants people to reject the dream act

It's kind of stupid to see some of these comments, because some of you believe that the Dream Act is a path to citizenship but not only for 1 but, for 3 ( student and parents ). Good thing you guys learned to read instructions at middle school ( I'm being sarcastic, of course you don't ). The dream Act gives kids the chance to fix their status from illegal to legal resident ( not citizenship ), they would have to wait 2 yrs for this to happen. Read... don't be stupid

These people love America, they are loyal to this country. Others wait for their turn, pay for their documentation, but that doesn't mean that they come here to contribute. Should I remind you of 9/11, Muslim students, or the Russian Spies?
These kids were raised here, and most of them are Mexicans. They don't come here to create chaos, they come here to contribute to their communities. Give them a chance

One thing some people don't realize is that these "illegals" have been here since they were little kids and they love this country just as much as any other natural-born citizen.
Wouldn't it be better to give an opportunity to these kids that that went to American schools, these kids that love America. Honestly, there are people living here with proper documentation who waited for their turn. But some of them might be part of Mafias around the world. But these kids aren't.

white republicans

Whats even funnier is threw this act the parents of illegal un-documented children can now be sponsored by the child to stay here as well because they will not leave the child here without family. So its not just the child your giving amnesty too.

Its just like the problem with illegals giving birth in the U.S. The new born is a U.S. citizen so threw them the parents can file paperwork to stay here as well.

So in reality your giving citizenship to 3 not just 1.

As usual the illegals get another freebie. It is sickening that many citizens and legal residents cannot attend schools yet here is our government trying to make it easier for these criminals to get a free ride. Yes they are criminals, they are here breaking the law, that makes them criminals. They should all be deported or disposed of.

and people are arent ILLEGAL. they are undocumented.

No they are illegal.

What is so wrong with letting students try to become citizens to better our country? They are obviously not just people feeding off the welfare, they are trying to create a future for America. Isn't that the American Dream?

You are obviously not well informed. No one is trying to keep them from being citizens. They want to become citizens by using welfare. That is what this bill is about. The taxpayer will pick up the bill for them trying to become citizens. (education, subsistance etc.) They are here illegally and should not be rewarded for their crime. Even if it was their parents that brought them here, they should be applying for citizenship just like every immigrant trying to become citizens and wait in line.

a big HELL NO...

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