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DREAM Act Failure to Affect Local Students


POSTED: Monday, December 20, 2010 - 11:07am

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - 9:16am

El Paso - Locals are giving their opinions on how the failed DREAM Act will affect El Paso directly.

Some believe this will negatively impact students studying here in El Paso who were trying to become citizens legally.

The DREAM Act was just five votes shy of moving onto the Senate floor.

This controversial bill has many people speaking about what they believe to be best for the future of our country.

Today we're talking to people who were counting on the DREAM Act's passing.

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Anyone, who is in this country illegally, deserve only one thing...DEPORTATION!

Wanting them to be citizens while I pay for their education is an illegal act, just let me find ONE illegal alien in my school system, and I'll sue them blind.

I am not rewarding an illegal alien who got his education on MY tax money, to the detremint of the people legally in this country. Illegal aliens are by definition illegal, and therefore criminals. reward them? LMAO

Dream act would be fine if it said that any illegal young immigrants after proving that they attended the last three years of high schcool and graduated, would then enter (under the dream act) any branch of the military and serve honorably for three years, should be accepted for citizenship. However, no exceptions should be made for brothers/sisters/relatives and that high school years must be clearly & legally documented with transcripts and yearbook photographs. More than ust sworn words.

A DREAM of AMNESTY,that's all it was. Good riddance!

2012 Vote straight Democratic ticket

the battle is not over....the WAR has yet to be won...

A lot of people make it out to be that if you are against the Dream Act you are against immigrants and call you a racist. The fact is, I am not against immigrants, I am against ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.....no matter what country they are coming from.

There seem to be plenty of avenues for non-American students to come to the US to study; especially here in El Paso given the In-State tuition rates they pay.

To permit a student a path to citizenship in this fashion is a slap in the face to others that have complied with the rules, paid the fees and waited the time.

It is also time to get rid of dual-citizenship.

I am glad it didnt pass! Lets work on making the education for the real Americans better rather than trying to help people who broke the law to get here. They are criminals and do not deserve any help from me. Next step is to follow Arizona's lead and give our police more power to find the illegal parents of these children and get rid of them.

Only an ignorant like you would say this. to start of this piece of land belong once to Mexico, second this is a multicultural country and third the United States of America needs relies on the tourism , shopping, and regular visits from the people across the border. Maybe we should just get rid of people like you that make this world more miserable. One thought for you, go back to school:)

Looking at your grammar, you are the one who needs to go back to school. Yeah, "Tejas" ONCE was part of Mexico. The reason it is now Texas and part of the U.S.A. is the corruption, incompetence and inefficiency built into Mexican culture. If that's what you call multi-cultularism, we don't need it here. Take it with you and go back to where you came from.

bring it...I am ready

"Real Americans"? Let's "give" the police more power? Mexicans are "real Americans"; they live in North America. Furthermore, Mexicans whom live, work, and send their kids to school here reflect the "real" economic, political, and social pull factors, which they cannot easily escape, and as is evidenced by their presence here, neither can you nor I.
Also, the U.S. Constitution does not allow you and me to "give more power to the police".Responsible societies never "rid" themselves of kids

I really hope you do not teach. You make no sense whatsoever.

The reason I don't make sense to you is because I'm commenting from the point of view of someone whom has studied these issues extensively.

If those that are here illegally want to go to school here they can go back to their country of origin and come back here LEGALLY then they are entitled to attend school here.

i kind of agree with you, yes they need to be legal but you dont need to be so aggressive.Its our problem that they are here too. Our government doest have competent employees to manage the bridges correctly. They need people that are 100% happy with their jobs to do it correctly, they are not guarding the Rio Grande correctly thats why they're are able to cross.Many come from third world countries to seek a better future for their children, the only legit people here are the Indians!:)

You seem to claim you know how to do the job correctly. Have you applied for one of those positions? Or are you content to let someone else do the job?

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