DREAM Act Fails to Affect El Paso


POSTED: Monday, December 20, 2010 - 5:50pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - 10:58am

The DREAM Act is a bill that could have given immigrants with an American high school diploma, willing to commit to higher education or the military, a path to citizenship.

Any hopes of the DREAM Act being passed were shot down this Saturday.

A Latino advocate, Hector Lopez, says this will stunt growth for El Paso's future.

"Those students, once they graduate have no place in the future of this city. They cannot legally be hired for the future of this community so the options are kind of grim for them," Lopez said.

Lopez says students may be forced to go to countries they hardly know. This might also give them no other option but to work in the U.S. illegally.

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All this people are just ignorants. They should go do the jubs that the imigrants do and stop complainig that they are no jobs. They just want the easy jobs and get pay to do no hard labor.

What does it matter anyways they still get higher education with JUTEP sorry I ment UTEP. Where they get financial aid and a job with the university.

Doesn't the mexican goverment pay for any mexican citizens college education in full alongs they come back to mexico and work for them for X-amount of years or is that just a myth? look into it I bet you'll be surprised.

oh well to bad

El Paso will never be redumbican...
don't like it....LEAVE

I am laughing my behind off right now. Of course it doesn't seem to affect El Paso. Because El Paso caters to illegals. The wonderful people of this God foresaken city are all Mexicans. The white and black true American citizens are discriminated against daily in this city. We can't get a job unless we speak there language, we can't ask for help in a business because no on speaks my countries language. It is a town full of bigots, and I thank God everyday that the so called Dream Act was stopped

you're still here?...why?

I don't care...if a "redneck" doesn't like it

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