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Dozens Gather for Villegas Vigil Outside County Jail

Dozens Gather for Villegas Vigil Outside County Jail

POSTED: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 8:45pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 17, 2012 - 6:44am

EL PASO - Despite the cold temperatures tonight, dozens of people still gathered outside the county jail to support convicted killer Daniel Villegas.

They held a vigil for the El Paso man who claims he's serving a life sentence for a double-murder he didn't commit.

Daniel Villegas has spent the last 17 years in prison for a drive-by shooting in Northeast El Paso. Villegas says a detective bullied him into confessing. He's hoping that now, a judge will decide to recommend a re-trial for him.

Villegas' sister, Michelle Pena, was at tonight's vigil.

"...there's a lot of times where we'll go to court and we come home and we're able to talk about it, comfort each other. But, he has to go back up to the cell by himself, and he doesn't get to see all the support he has, so it's important for us to be here," said Pena.

Villegas' final hearing starts tomorrow. The judge hearing the case can't grant Villegas a new trial, but he can deny a new trial.

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Have you been a teenager, scared and physically abused by a police officer, questioned for hours until you can't think straight anymore? No? Then I don't think you can judge. It happens all the time, and why do you think it does? Because he is not the first, nor sadly the last, to be threatened or abused into making a false confession by an authority figure. The community would be served by doing what is morally and ethically wrong? The victims' families likely know who is actually responsible.

continued from last post: if you are can you admit to something you didnt do knowing the consequences would be so great. at his age he knew the outcome. i honestly cant stand behind someone like that. i feel the judge would be doing the community and the victims family great harm if he grants another trial. either way...lets all pray that the truth comes out. if he didnt do it...or if he did...lets pray this judge makes the right decision. i pray God has his hands in this.

ive never been in his shoes, and ive never been in a situation anywhere similar to his. i dont know all the FACTS as many dont know the true facts. only the victims and the one who commited the crime, and God know the facts. im sure there are a lot of people in prison that were wrongly found guilty. but my question is this. how in the you admit to something sooooo horrible if you really didnt do it??? how much stress could someone possibly have to give up on the truth and admit

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