Downtown streets close for ballpark construction

Downtown streets close for ballpark construction
City of El Paso
Friday, May 3, 2013 - 1:17pm

It's been less than a month since the demolition of city hall to make room for a Triple-A ballpark in downtown El Paso. On Friday, streets around the future stadium were closing as construction gets underway.

"I think the whole situation starting with tearing down city hall and building a ballpark… closing down the streets, nah, don't like it," said nearby resident Cowboy. "It's creating a lot of problems... too many problems."

For nearby residents, those problems include street closures.

Starting on Friday, Missouri Avenue between Santa Fe Street and Durango Street and Durango Street  between Missouri Avenue and Franklin Avenue will be closed for ballpark construction.

We caught up with Cowboy who lives in this neighborhood and rides the bus to get around town. He said what's even worse is that crews removed the nearby bus stop.

"Now we got to walk down to The Union Plaza or way over yonder and you could catch a bus right here. You can't do it no more," said Cowboy.

Other neighbors agree. The closures will be a headache.

"It's pretty much inconvenient because it's going to be like driving in the wrong direction," said Miguel Cortez.

During construction, Coldwell Street and Missouri Avenue will be turned into two-way streets.

The closures on Missouri and Durango will be in place for a year.

"For us that live here, we're used to going in and out through downtown, the east side, the west side, it's really a lot of time," said Cortez.

It seems like everyone living in these homes was ready for the same thing.

"I'll just be happy when it gets done and everything goes back to semi-normal," said Cowboy.

Crews will keep these roads closed until April of next year when construction of the ballpark is expected to be complete.

For now, you can still walk on Missouri Avenue, between Santa Fe Street and Durango Street.

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