Downtown Businesses In Favor Of City Hall Move

Downtown Businesses In Favor Of City Hall Move
Wednesday, August 8, 2012 - 9:55pm

Businesses in downtown El Paso are reacting to the news that City Hall might become their new neighbor.
Many are hoping that will bring them more business to the area.
We spoke to a couple restaurants downtown who say extra foot traffic in their area will hopefully in return allow them to expand their staff.  
The 501 Bar and Bistro and Leo's Restaurant and Cantina in downtown El Paso are hopeful after the announcement City Hall might move just up the street.
During yesterday's city council meeting. The council voted to relocate City Hall to either The El Paso Times building or a set of buildings on Texas Street.
"As a business owner that's what you want, you know is foot traffic. So, with the opportunity to serve an additional 1,000 or so employees or whatever is extremely exciting for us,” said Anthony Flores from 501 Bar and Restaurant.
"Of course I'm all for it because you know you have 1,000 more people a couple blocks from us, of course we are going to be pulling some of those people into our restaurant,” Frank Mares from Leo’s Restaurant and Cantina.
Anthony Flores with the 501 Bar says he hopes more business will in return allow him to create jobs.

Frank Mares says vacant buildings hurt other businesses in the area. He hopes city hall's new location helps encourage other business owners to open shops in downtown.
"Definitely, I mean you want all the buildings around you to be full because the more people downtown, the more people that are going to coming into the businesses to the restaurants,” said Mares.

At this point city council has only voted to continue negotiations, and nothing has been decided on yet.


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