'Don't mess with Texas' revamped and relaunched

'Don't mess with Texas' revamped and relaunched
Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 5:04pm

You've heard it for almost 30 years. Don't mess with Texas.
It's the anti-littering slogan that's been slapped on everything from trash cans and signs to bumpers and T-shirts
but is it's effectiveness wearing off?
That's what the Texas Department of Transportation thinks.

According to TXDOT, 1.1 billion pieces of litter fall onto Texas roadways each year. That number is up 33% since 2005.
They're relaunching the 'Don't mess with Texas' campaign April 1st, aimed at who they call the worst offenders - 16 to 34 year olds.

Trash cans will be placed in cities across the state, including El Paso. TXDOT will promote the Can-paign through social media, ads and activities.

The fines for littering range from $500 to $2,000.

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