Dona Ana County Sheriff: Remarks Politically Driven


POSTED: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 3:47pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 7:41pm

LAS CRUCES - Dona Ana County Sheriff Todd Garrison says negative comments recently made about his department are political.

The Sheriff is running for re-election, and Sergeant Sam Ramos, in his official role as a board member of the deputy's union, criticized the Sheriff's leadership over the weekend. Ramos told us he's supporting the Sheriff's opponent in the election.

"People who play politics with public safety should not be taken seriously, and in this sentiment I'm sure my opponent agrees," Sheriff Garrison said.

Ramos, in his role as a board member of the deputy's union, refused an on-camera interview with us. He wouldn't even issue a written statement. However, we're told his remarks had to do with the overall morale in the department, and the number of deputies on the streets.

"The morale in this department overall is high. I think that very few people were talked to, I think that the majority of the department doesn't agree with statements that were made," Sheriff Garrison said.

A union member we spoke with said nobody asked him what he thought, and he disagrees with what Ramos said.

"He doesn't consult with union members. At least I wasn't contacted, so I don't know where this comment came from," Sergeant John Ordonez said.

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According to several of the Deputies at DASO the moral is low, and as a citizen the manpower is very low and my family in Hatch have complained about it many times that sometimes there is only one deputy in that whole area. The safety of the deputies should be considered some times they don't have radio signal and I see that as a hazzard. Coming from a Law Enforcement family the Sheriff who ever it may be needs to have their safety as a major concern.

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