Dona Ana County fireworks vendors promote safety

Dona Ana County fireworks vendors promote safety

POSTED: Sunday, June 24, 2012 - 9:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 4, 2012 - 1:42pm

DONA AÑA COUNTY, N.M. -- Fireworks sales in Doña Ana County are steadily moving along with vendors encouraging safe of use permitted fireworks.

The county and City of Las Cruces banned aerial fireworks like roman candles, shells and other stick-type rockets along with ground audible devices.

"It does hurt business because people think they can't get any fireworks and they'll just go home and not buy any fireworks," said Jimmy Nevarez, manager of Planet Fireworks in Mesilla.

Nevarez said he is aware of the concern with fireworks and current drought conditions, that's why he and his staff are making sure people make safety a priority.

"We try to inform everybody on how to use fireworks properly," Nevarez said.

He said it's important to read labels before usage and recommended having water nearby or even a fire extinguisher.

Nevarez said he thinks people are very educated on safety, even with the push from the state to discourage customers from purchasing fireworks.

"Fireworks actually cause less than one percent of wildfires in New Mexico," Nevarez said.

Wildfires in the state have already burned more than 700,000 acres.

The county wants people using fireworks this 4th of July to use them on paved or barren areas to keep dry brush from catching fire.

Anthony, NM and the Town of Mesilla have different town ordinances so aerial devices are permitted.

County Safety Tips:

* Keep a water supply - a garden hose and/or a bucket - handy in case of fire.
* Be aware that extreme drought conditions have left grasses and weeds susceptible to fire.
* Keep in mind the hour of usage and be considerate of your neighbors.
* Never let children light fireworks.
* Use fireworks outdoors only and keep them away from combustibles and busy areas.
* Light only one item at a time and move away from it.
* Purchase fireworks only from a licensed vendor.
* Follow all label directions carefully and use common sense.
* And please help keep Doña Ana County beautiful by cleaning up debris from fireworks.


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To bad they don't promote cleaning up their areas they allow their customers to use, the morning after. Pigs. I guess once they have their money, who cares!

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