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Doctors say it could be worst season for allergies

Doctors say it could be worst season for allergies
American Med Dev
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 8:02am

The fall season is upon us and if you're sniffling and sneezing, allergies may to blame.

An allergy expert said this was one of the worst fall allergy seasons because it started early and rain and humidity could be kicking up a lot of mold.

Ragweed is the biggest allergy trigger and mold is another. Though ragweed usually starts releasing pollen in August, it can last into September and October.

This season, doctors said symptoms are worse than years past, leading to more sinus infections.

They said untreated allergies can turn serious.

"If the patient has asthma and allergies and they don't treat their allergies they are prone to asthma attacks, it can be as simple as coughing but it can also be life threatening situation," said Dr. Max Ghaderi.

Doctors said try to stay a step ahead by taking your medicine before symptoms start. They said use a nasal rinse like a Neti Pot.

Doctors also said stay indoors with the doors and windows closed, when pollen is at its peak, which is usually in the mornings. They said before you turn on your heat for the first time, clean your heating vents and change the filter because mold and other allergens can get trapped in the vents over the summer. Also, you can use a humidifier, to keep your air at between 35 percent and 50 percent humidity and wear a mask when you rake leaves so you don't breathe in mold spores.

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