Doctors React to Health Reform


POSTED: Monday, March 22, 2010 - 3:42pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - 5:21am

The president of the El Paso County Medical Society spoke with NewsChannel 9 about the health care reform bill.

Dr. Andres Enriquez says that the doctors of El Paso do not stand behind this bill. He says although he agrees we need health reform, the government has just put a band-aid on a big problem. "They want us to see more patients for less amount of money," said Enriquez. "And guess what's gonna happen? Doctors are gonna close their doors to the medicare patients."

Although he's not standing behind the bill, Enriquez is happy that the government will be keeping an eye on insurance company abuse.

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Now, think about this. There are an estimated 1,000 Trillion dollars in unpaid derivatives contracts out there. The trillions in bail-out money hasn’t even scratched the surface. The global economy is only 35 trillion dollars, so that gives you a small taste of the magnitude of the real problem.

This “health reform” law is nothing more than a political distraction, designed to take our focus off of the fact

WE have a surgical practice here in New Mexico. The malpractice is $65,000 a year. That is before I pay the staff, the overhead, supplies etc.

This state has the highest number of frivolous lawsuits. I would gladly lower my fee to my patients if you can get the lawyers to back off.

I was at a party standing next to a lawyer. Someone asked him why they kept up the lawsuits and his reply was, "well, how else am I going to support my family and get my kids get thru college."

Does the guy who just went on Medicare not realize that Medicare IS controlled by the government??????

aww, poor rich baby. he's gonna have to see more patients for less money. so what.. he's only going make $130,000 instead of $150,000 every few months? only someone swimming in money would feel comfortable admitting he'd violate the tenets of medical ethics to avoid not being as rich as he'd like to be. pathetic.

How much do you think a Primary care dr. makes a year and how many hours he would work weekly? its not an easy job and it has a lot of responsability and a lot of liability, over 90% of primary physicians in the US do not make more than 160 a YEAR and the work about 80 hours a week. How well can you function and how effective can you be evaluating people with such amount of work?
I think you have the Beverly hills type of Doctor picture.

Wow! I am amazed at your ignorance. Doctors don't make 150,000 every few months. They go to school for 12 years. and have to insure themselves with malpractice insurance which is very costly as it is. Many of them work long hours. If you are so disgusted with the doctors in the U.S., then go to Mexico. It is people like you with your sense of entitlements and people who are lawsuit happy that healthcare system is broken.

You are pathetic. Every year doctors are being reimbursed less and less. How would you like it if you lost money every year from your job? These doctors have families to take care of. They do it because they want to help patients but at the same time they do it to make a living just like everybody else. Would you work for free? I don't think so because you wouldn't be able to live.


more time for what???? cry on his shoulder, any decent phsycian should be able to tell you if you are doing fine or not in a FU visit just by seeing your vitals, your labs and talking to you. a mechanic can do whatever he wants but how many hours of training would he have??? do you think they invest over 200K and 11 plus years like a physician does?? get real

thats why they charge outrages rates to the insurance, and keep on telling you to keep on going back.

This is in reference to Mr. Brownlee and his leg probelm. I am not condemning him or trying to pass judgement on his health condition. I am only stating a fact: you sir, are obese. If people would exercise, eat right and take care of themselves, the healthcare crisis in this country would take care of itself.

I strongly agree. Now hardworking americans have to pay for his obesity.

What's new?
El Paso is the medical fraud heaven of the world. Let the rats pack and move out of Texas. there are plenty of qualified medical personnel left in the US who will charge a fair price for their services. Dr. Enriquez, do everybody a favor: GET OUT OF TEXAS.

Hello!!!!!! There is a shortage of doctors already!!!! Real smart guy run the doctors off!

This bill has purposely avoided tort reform. The Democrat party has had trial lawyers backing it for years, so the Dems will never address tort reform. Physicians must practice defensive medicine every day in their practices, which adds 15-20% extra charges on each patient's bill. These otherwise unnecessary tests are basically dictated to physicians by trial lawyers, as those same physicians may need those tests as evidence in courts of law to defend themselves from the legal sharks! Jim

The insurance companies aren't abusive. Abuse comes from doctors that recommend tons of tests and numerous follow-ups.
The abuse also comes from the government imposing high taxes on the insurance companies, which have to eventually impose higher premiums. Government health care is welfare paid by buyers of private health insurance. Obama is expanding welfare on the backs of workers. Obama is a pro-welfare man who creates dependency. That's his way of remaining in power. Obama stinks!

That is correct. There is a shortage of doctors and 40% of the doctors are over 50 years of age and will begin to take early retirement.

In 1974 there were 25 of this countries best of the best fighting for surgical chairs in the medical colleges. Currently, 40 percent of the chairs are now empty.

Is this what you want America? Load up the cart but starve the pack animal.

Have they changed the Hippocratic Oath to only treating patients with proper insurance?

I understand your business overhead BUT it's kind of a monopoly; where else do we go for medical care? Malpractice insurance is the biggest cost in a practice. Seems like more insurance abuse to me. Why don't they reform that? How many doctors left specialties or medicine altogether because of insurance costs? Fix that problem and maybe you'd have enough doctors and not turn patients away.

Margot A.

Couldn't agree more. You hit the nail on the head!

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