Doña Ana County Receives Animal Oxygen Masks


POSTED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 6:11pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 14, 2012 - 7:41pm

The Las Cruces TheraPaws Organization donated nearly 50 animal oxygen masks to Doña Ana County, hoping the equipment can save animals' life in a fire.

"It would be really bad for me because I love my dog and my dog loves me and if something were to happen, it would be a member of the family," said dog owner Ann Couey.

But now, fire departments in Doña Ana County have everything they need to treat your furry friends – both big and little.

"The kits are oxygen masks that can provide us to be able to help our four legged friends should they require that at a fire scene," said Doña Ana County Fire Marshal Robert Monsivaiz.

TheraPaws donated 16 kits to the fire department.

"During fires a lot of times, the animals kinda get left behind a little bit because normally and naturally they people are first," said Shari Rose with TheraPaws.

Each kit contains three masks for animals of all sizes.

"These masks can be used on horses, they can be used on cats, dogs of different sizes and they certainly, they've also expressed they can be used on smaller animals. You can use them on birds for example, snakes and lizards," Monsivaiz said.

Soon, every firefighter in Doña Ana County will be able to treat animals for smoke inhalation.

"We've gotten some demonstrations from TheraPaws and they've showed us how to use them and so now we will be passing on that education and making sure that the firefighters know how to use them," Monsivaiz said.

We met dog owner Ann Couey walking her dog, Sassy at Young Park in Las Cruces. She's glad the masks will help animals like her own best friend.

"I think it's great that people are acknowledging the fact that our pets are apart of our families," said Couey.

The goal is to have two kits in each fire department. The kits are about $75 each, so if you want to help out, TheraPaws is taking donations.

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I am so glad that Channel 9 put on this story. It shows that they are pet lovers too. Many families view their pet as part of the family, so this story shows that people care enough to invent a device strickly for saving pets who are having trouble breathing.

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