DNA Test Proves Sherman Hemsley Had Half Brother

DNA Test Proves Sherman Hemsley Had Half Brother

POSTED: Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 4:50pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 2, 2012 - 2:32pm

A DNA test proved Sherman Hemsley has a half brother according to Samuel Flores of the Law Office of Mark Davis.

But this information might be moot. Flores said the judge in this case, Judge Patricia Chew, will not consider the test because it was turned in after the deadline of Oct. 15. Flores said that's because the funeral home, who was taking samples from Hemsely's body, was delayed in filing.

Hemsley died three months ago and he has yet to be buried. His body remained at a morgue while his family and the executer fight over his burial. Hemsley's will stated Flora Enchinton Bernal was the executer.

His family challenged Bernal and the will.

The DNA test ordered by the judge is complete and has been filed with the court. The hearing was scheduled for Friday, Nov. 9.

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So what he has a 1/2 brother. He still didn't want any money going to him or he would have put it in the will. How can a total stranger demand part of someones money left in a will?

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