DJ Johnny Kage Arrested for Good Cause

DJ Johnny Kage Arrested for Good Cause

POSTED: Monday, December 6, 2010 - 9:09am

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 11:17am

NewsChannel 9 was there as El Paso County Sheriff’s Officials arrested 104.3 HIT FM DJ Johnny Kage.  The arrest took place live on the air with Kage being escorted out by deputies.

Although listeners didn't know, the arrest was all for a good cause. Kage is accused of Failure to Produce 500 toys.

It's up to the community to get him out of jail by making donations.

After being taken into custody, DJ Johnny Kage was transported to the Jail Annex where he was booked & had his mug shot taken.

Kage will remain locked up at a new jail location located inside Bassett Place in the Food Court until his bond of 500 new toys is reached. 

The Deadline is Wednesday, December 8, 2010 5PM.

We'll have video of the arrest tonight on NewsChannel 9 at 5,6 & 10.

Here's more information on how you can help get Kage get out of jail by making a donation.

Visitation: You can visit Johnny / Drop off toys at Bassett Place as listed below:

Monday December 6, 2010 from 5pm-10pm

Tuesday December 7, 2010 8am – 10pm

Wednesday December 8, 2010 from 8am – 5pm


If you are unable to drop off the toys at Bassett Center you may drop them off in the Human Resources Office located at Sheriff’s Headquarters or at the 104.3 Hit FM Studios.

If you don’t have time to pick up a gift you can also make a cash donation at either location.

The goal for this year’s Santa with a Badge program is to help out over 500 families. The families that will be helped have been identified by the school districts in the County of El Paso.


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Can u add me on yahoo plis johnny kage i am u r fan i always lisen the radio in the mornings u r very funny person

blah blah blah. i have a heart and i donate because i want to not because some dj gets "arrested". and people all of a sudden know it's being done by the community service section why because someone else commented that's what it was.

To all you non-spirited, spoiled brats, that have nothing better to do than bring everyone down, grow up and give a gift!!! IT'S A GREAT CAUSE and very unique way of bringing it to the community. You swear there is only 1 police officer/sheriff in town that they could not spare one for this great cause. You plants that think its dumb should quit thinking about yourselves and instead pitch in!

How sad that so many people are so ignorant in this city. If you all would do your research and stop being quick to judge, you would see that these Deputies work in the Community Services Section of The Sheriff's Office. So if you want complain that they aren't doing their job, giving back to the community IS their job. If you would all stop be negative and see the good these people have done you would see a change in this city, until then we will all be stuck in the same negative atmosphere.

I just want to say that I think Johnny is doing something good for the community,I was listening to him on the Bambucha when he was getting ready to go out there and you can hear the sincerity in your voice Johnny that this is something very dear to your heart you know what is was like to be without on Christmas morning,and the fact that you can help these kids will be returned to you in some way shape or form..May god bless you and your family.

Just so you know, this program is being run by the Community Services Section of the Sheriff's Office. So they are doing their job. Serving the Community. If you can't understand this then I'm sorry for you.

Scary looking guy. I've seen better looking heads in the produce dept. at the Pigley Wigley.

For those of you making those negative comments about this, You all must be SPOILED BRATS that don't understand how this economy is. Johnny is doing this for the kids and I give him props for that. Way to go 104.3!!! Those kids will have a priceless smile when they get a gift for Christmas.

Oooooh yea Johnny Kage you have a pretty mouth. I am ready to rip you a new one or is that ream you gilled cheese ?

@maya77 no i just think there is ways of getting people to donate and the cops should be doing their job not out acting out arrests when they can be making a real arrest. just like cops all meeting eachother at a doughnut shop instead of being out doing their jobs. or talking on the phone and speeding then turning around and giving someone else a ticket for the same thing.

I think its a good idea and for an amazing cause. Very clever, but why is there a deadline? He should REALLY stay in there until it happens.

Wow whoever put that's the stupidest thing um knock knock ur the dummy its for a damn good cause it aint like the sheriffs that arrested him r the only damn sheriffs in el paso I'm sure there's others around in case u trip and choke on ur bad attitude

I agree with lis@elpaso, they have nothing better to do, but play these lame games, Have you heard Toys for Tots? Marines...

To lis@elpaso: you must not have a heart to comment something like that.

this is the stupidest thing i've heard of. don't the sherrif's officials have more important things they should be doing.

ayyy well qoodluck!

Ha, Ha Good one, I was listening...I really thought it was real. Nice acting there by everyone. lol

yeah i thought it was real thats why i log in to read more about it. good luck kage!

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