Disturbing Trend In Past Month's DWI Arrests

 Disturbing Trend In Past Month's DWI Arrests

POSTED: Friday, August 12, 2011 - 4:17pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 12, 2012 - 11:59am

EL PASO - The El Paso Police Department sends us mug shots of drunk drivers nearly every day, but lately we noticed a disturbing trend among several of them.

Police report six people have now been picked up for their third or more DWI in the past month.

"The man that killed my daughter had three previous DWI's," Grace Talamantes said.

Her daughter, Valerie, was killed by a drunk driver three years ago.

"I live day-to-day now because I don't have her," Talamantes said. "It's a pain I don't wish upon anybody."

Talamantes isn't the only one who's seen the damage a drunk driver can do. Pictures of El Pasoans who have been killed or hurt by a drunk driver line the wall at the local Mothers Against Drunk Driving office. We asked Virginia Gonzalez, the Executive Director for MADD, why so many people choose to drive drunk even after they get caught.

"There are many people who are dealing with addictions. There are many people who just, unfortunately, have not learned and have kind of gotten used to the process," she said.

"This business of three or more is ridiculous," Talamantes said.

Talamantes says the punishments need to get harsher for all drunk drivers.

"Maybe they think it's a normal way of life. It's not. I know we've grown up that way, but we need to take responsibility - from the courts to the prosecutors to the juries, as well as ourselves," Talamantes said.

She says if driver's don't start taking responsibility more pictures will likely be added to the wall, and Gonzalez says the drivers, who police say were drunk, won't walk away either.

"It is inevitable that if they continue that behavior that they will end up behind bars or in a body bag," Gonzalez said.

We're working with the District Attorney's Office to look at the DWI problem in El Paso. We're going to review each three or more case to find out what type of punishment the drivers have faced in the past. The DA's office should provide that information to us next week.

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If they didn't cause damage or kill anyone expect them to get away without jail time. Thats the cold hard reality. It is a wide known fact that the U.S. houses more criminals and has the biggest budget/debt for correctional facilities than any other country in the world.

Thats the reason why these people are allowed to be repeat offenders. Don't blame the system blame the people who changed the system. To give them a better life in jail then most have outside of jail.

Don't get me wrong i'm not saying jail here is a cake walk but in reality our jail system is a kindergarden compared to the harshness of other prison life from other countries.Some prisoners in other countries don't get three meals a day, clothing, shoes, or even a mattress to sleep on.

Its all about the bottom line and how much it is costing us. If you want these drunk drivers to be in prison then vote yes for higher taxes so they can build another prison to accomodate them.

one killer here, Its drinking. So ban the drinking signs, ads, and billboards, rise the cost of all of it and see what happens. Am I the only one in the world that sees this?

I knew someone who had 4 DUIs in less then 2 months and each time I asked him the same question; Why do you drink and drive? Each time I asked he just gave me a mean look and a few choice words. Finally he said it: "Because I'm STUPID!". For all you drinkers out there who say you have never drink and drove, You know as well as I do that you're wrong. I myself was almost killed by a drunk driver. Lost my car and 45 minutes of memory. When will the law finally decide that smoking is not the number

until our society recognizes alcoholism for the addiction disease that it is, this trend will only continue to increase. incarceration only encourages repeat offense; it just sucks tons of taxpayer money to have criminal sit around without receiving the treatment they need to prevent recidivism. but common sense is entirely un-American, so we'll just continue to toss people in jail and wish away their addictions.

Most of this poeple that have 3 DWI's or more have a deeper problem. This problem goes beyond addiction it is a spritual emptieness. I am not going to put down man's philosiphy or phychology, but what they need is a true Christian biblical plan for recovery.The court system does not give people this type of option.If you give your life to Jesus you will be transform 2 Corithians 5:17. They need help not just punishment. Its not helping them or us just to punish them. We need a solution.

Why must we adhere to the drunks privacy when they do not deserve it? Is the DA'S office protecting them? They should be behind bars! Addiction my butt, they know they drink and they do not want to stop! Maybe they have a macho behavior and do not want to change! If a drunk is caught, send him to rehab! If he is caught again send him to jail for 10 years! we must stop handling these dumbasses as humans!

All of which begs the question as to why these three-time losers are not in jail? What are the penalties? Who are the judges who continue to let them go? No doubt if they were in prison they would sober up pretty fast, even if they are addicted.

agreed. to many innocent people are dying. we are now in a epidemic stage. we need to do something . what we are doing isnt working.more and more people are drinking at a earlier age and now we have irresponsible adults who now are acholics and dont relize it.families are destroyed not just to the ones they hurt but even their own families.this is really bad people.

With all the leniency they get, there is absolutely no incentive to drive sober. Driving drunk should be a mandantory progressive sentence, starting with 1 month in jail, then one year, then 5 years. 4th offense should be life at hard labor.

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