District 78 Candidates outline platform


POSTED: Monday, July 26, 2010 - 7:28pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - 7:41pm

El Paso - Two men are scrambling for your support tonight. They're both trying to represent El Paso in texas House District 78. Few people are betting on the outcome of what may be one of the closest political races this November.

Joe Moody just finished his first legislative session in Austin. The democrat won the freshman legislator of the year award. And he's back campaigning in advance of November's election outlying his vision to El Pasoans.

"Whether it be the medical school, UTEP, our military families at Fort Bliss and a new emerging issue of renewable energy, specifically solar energy...we have to go after this vision and make El Paso the best it can be," Moody states.

Moody's challenger, Republican businessman, Dee Margo, is upset with what he calls his opponent's failure to act on the expansion of the texas tech medical school in El Paso.

"Mr. Moody did not even sponsor a bill that even went for that building, it's one thing to try and fail, it's another not to try at all," Margo contends.

In 2008, Margo was widely considered the favorite in the traditionally red district. Now, the conservative says he's in good shape to win in November because President Obama will not be on the ballot.

"Two years ago the winds were in our face with what turned out to be what I would call the Obama tsunami. And now I think the winds are behind us and people are looking for change."

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Republican Party...extreme right and all white

Dee Margo, another "good ol boy' of the republican party...

Appears to me that here in El Paso, the "good old boys" are called compadres. Most are Mexican, all are Democrats, and they are keeping this city at third world level. At least the traditional "good old boys" throw something in there for their communities, while enriching themselves. Not so in El Paso: re-election ensured by braindead Democrat straight-ticket voters like you, all the compadres ever do is raise taxes.

Take exit out of El Paso, we don't need you here. Why whine, just leave.

Who is "we"?

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