POSTED: Tuesday, February 3, 2009 - 4:41pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:23pm

Five year-old Florida boy saves diabetic dad...

A pint sized boy in St. Petersburg, Florida is being called a hero.

His father was lying helpless in a serious diabetic episode when his five year old son came to his rescue.

Saturday morning, 43- year old Danny Stephen collapsed on the couch from a dangerous diabetic reaction.

“I couldn't not move, I could not even talk it was like being paralyzed frozen. all I could do was blink and murmur,’ said Danny Stephen.

The only other person home was his 5 year old son , Jude.

It's been tough for them, Stephen’s wife died suddenly in September, and he lost his job.

He hasn't been able to afford his diabetic testing strips.

All I remember was him saying daddy daddy...and I tried to say juice and it came out ju ju like that,” said Stephen.

At first the slurred speech confused Jude.

"He was talking like Japanese he was ...help...help...like that,” said 5 year-old Jude.

“Finally I said low sugar and when I said that it dawned on him because he knows when I say my sugar is low I need to eat something sweet,” said Stephen.

Jude went to the refrigerator and grabbed several juice pouches and squeezed them into his dad's mouth.

Then he fed him cupcakes but it still wasn't enough.

The dad keeps this jar of honey by the bedside just in case he has a sugar emergency and when he asked for it Jude knew exactly where to find it.

“He went and got the honey and I couldn't move my hands I was kind of holding it and he turned the jar and literally dumped a whole jar almost a whole jar of honey down my mouth,” said Stephen.

Eventually Jude brought his dad the phone.

But by the time St. Pete fire rescue paramedics arrived, the crisis was over.

“The man said if Jude hadn't done what he had done I would've died because usually it's two or three hours after going into a reaction like that you start going into a coma and I was literally like that for 10 hours,” Stephen said.

And yes, Jude knows they're calling him a hero, for single handedly saving his dad.

Danny Stephen says he plans to keep better track of his blood sugar and teach Jude how to dial 9-1-1.

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