Diabetes Prevention May Reduce Cancer Risk

Diabetes Prevention May Reduce Cancer Risk
Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 3:55pm

 A team of doctors say preventing diabetes could reduce the risk for certain cancers by a significant percentage.

Previous studies have linked diabetes to an increased risk in colon, stomach and pancreatic cancers. But the team was interested in the link between diabetes and blood cancers. They analyzed 26 previously published research articles.

"Our study was based on 17 thousand cases which is a large study basically shows that patients with diabetes and we focused specifically on diabetes, type two which is the most common type of diabetes, probably 90-95 percent of all diabetes are type two and we saw that by having that diagnosis of diabetes that the risk of having blood cancers increased by approximately 20-25 percent," said Radiation Oncologist Dr. Jorge Castillo.  

While more research is needed, the team says that taking steps to prevent Type 2 Diabetes could translate into seven thousand fewer blood cancer cases.

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