Detective In Villegas Case Takes The Witness Stand

Detective In Villegas Case Takes The Witness Stand

POSTED: Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 8:38pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 9, 2011 - 10:51pm

Convicted killer Daniel Villegas came face to face Thursday with the detective he claims forced him to confess a double murder.

Villegas maintains his innocence, and on Thursday his defense team cross-examined the detective in court.

Detective Alfonso Marquez testified that he does agree people do often times falsely confess to a crime they didn’t commit.

Marquez admitted there were multiple men who confessed to the crime. He says his office thought that people were only claiming to be responsible for bragging rights.

Defense attorney Joe Spencer tackled many key issues in court he feels the detective overlooked.

Spencer questioned Marquez about why he never visited the home where the 9-1-1 call was made. Marquez testified this would have been helpful to see the distance from where the caller stood, to where the shell casings were.

Another issue Spencer brought up was how one of the people Villegas allegedly told police he was with the night of the murders was in prison at the time.

Spencer also got Marquez to talk about how crime scene evidence showed that all shell casings were in one area. According to Villegas’s statement, he was running with the gun while shooting. Marquez admits Villegas’s statement contradicts what was found at the scene.

Marquez testified it was difficult to recount the details about the investigation because it was 18 years ago. Marquez stated that the only things he remembers is what he reads in his transcripts.

Marquez was on the witness stand for almost seven hours on Thursday. He will be back on the stand Friday morning.

The defense is also expected to bring in an expert on false confessions.

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That's why I refuse helping them solve cases; knowing, they need...

FREE DANIEL VILLEGAS!!! This whole ordeal is utterly shocking and sickening. It's so sad that a boy spends his life in prison because someone needs to fill their quota and become/remain a high elected official. My heart goes out to ALL the families involved in this case and Daniel has been added to the list of victims. One of the most disgusting parts of this is that the kid(s) that died will probably never see justice because just someone, anyone was guilty but not the right person. RRRRR!

That's why I refuse to assist them in one of their on going investigations, because of dets like Marquez!

It seems that you or perhaps family have had a couple problems with the law Steven.. that's where all the hate comes from... and yes the EPPD does have their share of bad apples but tell me of a government agency that hasn't had any scandals lately??????Exactly my point!!Before you run your mouth think... Hopefully one of these days you or your family don't need the police... OH I FORGOT YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF ANY PROBLEM... WHAT A JOKE!

I have had dealings with Marquez and I can believe he conducted a bad investigation.
It's getting to the point where "protect and serve" means that the police are serving themselves and protecting what's theirs.
These are El Paso's finest? Finest what? Finest liars, thieves, scam artists, sexual predators. Unfortunately, it's the sign of the times.
I personally don't depend on the police department and have never called the police to solve a problem I can solve myself.

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