Detective In Villegas Case: Other Suspects Confessed To The Crime

Detective In Villegas Case: Other Suspects Confessed To The Crime

POSTED: Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 10:22am

UPDATED: Saturday, September 10, 2011 - 10:00am

DOWNTOWN EL PASO- The detective who allegedly got Daniel Villegas to confess to double homicide when he was a teenager took the witness stand on Thursday morning.

Detective Al Marquez testified that the men whom Villegas's new defense team claims to be responsible for the murders were suspects in the original case. Marquez says they received multiple leads from the public saying Rodolfo Flores and his brother Javier were responsible for the killings.

Marquez testified that multiple people other than Villegas confessed to the crime, and often people do confess to crimes they didn't commit.

Daniel Villegas is set to take the witness stand Thursday afternoon.

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Raiders915 do you think that Daniel has just rolled out of bed and said hey I am innocent. He has been pleading his innocence for 17 years! You can tell that this detective Marquez is very arrogant he wants to look good no matter what the cost, even if its sending a CHILD to jail for the rest of his life!!!

Attry Spencer is using the COMMON TACTICS in questioning/interrogating Marquez on the witness stand. In his questioning of Marquez,Spencer is being demeaning & very aggressive...tactic used to enrage and confuse the person testifying. The "expert witness" on interrogation techniques was paid for by Spencer...this "Expert" will only say things that help Spencer. Spencer is trying to earn the thousands of dollars that he charged the defendant's family.

All of a sudden everyone in jail is innocent.... wow you need to take some of your own advise and BE REALISTIC!You're probably saying that because you have a loved one locked up....sad but true everyone hates cops because they have the unfortunate job of taking people's freedom...

The negative comments here make me sick. People have no business speaking of things they don't understand. Daniel has always said he is innocent. Don't persecute him because his family didn't have the funds to bring this back to court. Thank goodness there are good people in the world, like John Mimbela, with sound minds who take the time to look into facts before spouting out ignorant negative nonsense.

How would you like it if you were asked to recall, in detail, something that happened 17 years ago? If the officer conducted an improper investigation which led to someone spending so many years in jail - then punish him by putting him behind bars. Spencer is a very expensive attry and he will do whatever he can to destroy the officer's statements in order to free a man that just might be guilty of his crimes!

Just like crocked officers will do whatever they can to get a confession. Spencer is seeking justice just pray one of your family members doesn't fall victim to being accused of a crime and no one stand up for them!!!

Based on my years of experience with investigations, this is an excellent example as to why video taped sworn statements are crucial...for they show the officer's and the defendant's demeanor at the time the statement was made; it shows that defendant was advised of his "Rights", etc., etc.. It is NOT uncommon for criminals and defense attorneys to say the the Incriminating Statement/s were coerced in their attempt to get the statements "thrown out". How would you like it if you were asked to r

All of sudden he's not guilty please after so many years you come out saying that your not guilty after you said you were.... Dude should be charged with taking the courts time ...

Daniel has maintained his innocence ALL along! Money talks, and Mr. Mimbela has spent over $200,000 and 4 years of his life working on this case. Nobody listens to poor people.

Don't you know that detectives all they want is send somebody to jail, and close the case. They sent innocent people to JAIL. Come on you should know that is like that. Jail is full of innocent people and the killers are outside in the streets.You should read more about Innocence Project, or watch the movie Conviction. Be more realistic!!

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