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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 2:45pm

Details for Prior Charges in Cop Arrest


POSTED: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 - 6:37pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 16, 2010 - 1:03pm

We have new details tonight in the prior arrests of police officer Alberto Madrid. He was arrested this week after police say he stole a money box from a wedding.

Back in 2002 he was arrested twice; both of those charges were eventually dismissed.

Witnesses says Madrid was driving a truck and hit a power pole. Then they say Madrid drove away from the scene and eventually stopped in a parking lot.

A witness named Jose Gomez went up to Madrid in the parking lot to ask if he was ok. He says Madrid then pushed his chest, causing him to fall backward.

When officers arrived they detected a strong odor of alcohol on Madrid's breath. Both of those charges were dismissed.

We are requesting the case information for Madrid's second driving while intoxicated arrest, another case that county records show was dismissed. We have not been able to get a hold of Madrid to hear his side of the story.

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Is EPPD ever gonna release the mugshot???
I need to see if that cop is the one that pulled me over and searched my car, after he left I noticed my Ipod was missing, I called the EPPD the following day and they said there were no records of a police car pulling me over and they also said they were gonna call me back... I am still waiting!

How can you compare El Paso to Juarez with corruption? The officers keep this city safe at night so you don't get your head cut off in front of your pathetic little families. Of course there's always going to be a bad apple here and there, but punish the individual not he whole. And as far as looking at the officers that let him go, as they said, he was arrested. If the case gets dropped later, not the officer's fault.

More than likely there is no side to his story... he got off so many times because he is a cop. Civil servants on almost every level are corrupt in El Paso.

Getting off in El Paso has nothing to do with being a cop. It has to do with (1) defense attorneys who are getting a free ride to a district judgeship because they have a Spanish last name and call themselves Democrats
(2) a general attitude that "mijo" is really a good guy and deserves a second, third, fourth, etc. chance. And yes, this cop is probably somebody's "mijo", too.
How many times did you get off the hook here in El Paso, Taxista?

Duh, looks like El Paso Keystone Cops covering up for each other again. People we entrust to these high positions should be above reproach 24/7, that is why they chose this position. an investigation into his past allegations should include the officers who cut him loose as well as his DUI charge that was dismissed. Any normal person would get punished to the full extent of the law, but not EP Keystone Cops. Try this in the private sector and see if you get to hold on to your job for 18 yrs

yeah right.....all he has to do is say, I'm sorry I'll never do it again I promise. And it's a slap on the wrist

I do not see any difference betwee this, and the way the system sticks it to citizens everyday. Corruption is especialy rampant here in El Paso, somethin g encouraged from Juarez, where corruption is taught as a way of GOOD BUSINESS, and not moraly wrong.

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