Del Sol Nurses Protest Staffing Levels

Del Sol Nurses Protest Staffing Levels

POSTED: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 9:06pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 14, 2011 - 9:07pm

El PASO - Enough is enough. That's the sentiment among nurses at Del Sol Medical Center. 

Nurses took to the streets this evening, to demand more help at the hospital. They held up signs, calling this a patient care issue. They argued they can't do their jobs effectively and take proper care of patients, if there aren't enough nurses working the same shift.

Monica Sanchez, a registered nurse, told Newschannel 9 that she and other nurses are working below the hospital's standards.

"The hospital has in place policies and a staffing matrix that are not always being followed,” said Sanchez.

"Our patient ratio is 1:6...Since we're nurses, we are patient advocates and we're here for patient care," said Vickki Gomez, a registered nurse.

Nurses said they've repeatedly raised their concerns with management and proposed ideas to help with the staffing issue; but the hospital has refused to make changes.

Tonight, hospital management told us they think the protest is connected to current contract talks with the nurses.

Carla Sierra, with Del Sol said, "We do not negotiate in the media...patient care is our first and absolute priority every day."

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I am a nurse and I love my job and take pride in it. What I have seen in the several years of working as a nurse is patients, families, and doctors have no respect for us. some families make us feel like overpaid servants and some doctors treat us like with no respect. I like many nurses work my butt off to take care of my patients, I feel we our salaries are not just for the work that we do or disrespect that we recieve.

I worked in nursing for 20 years, used to take it seriously. Now, it's all about the money. But before people knock the nurses pay, remember, there are a lot of people drinking coffee in jobs at the Base, who are making $40 and hour, today's nurse DOES NOT sit around drinking coffee.

Hospital management (including nurses) are among the Kings of US money grubbers They talk a good "caring" game, but do the math, $600.00 a hospital day, x 6 patients ($3600) minus around $600 for the nurses...

I worked in nursing for over 20 years. I used to be proud to be a nurse, now I am ashamed to admit I have anything to do with the health care profession, as it exists today in the US.
The other Posters here are SO right. Money, money, money, is the bottom line. And that ESPECIALLY includes hospital management,(including nurses). They talk a good "caring" game, but do the math, a basic $600.00 hospital day, x 6 patients,($3,600), minus about $800.00 a day in nurses pay........

I'm going to take a guess and say "smithj" is a pseudonym for someone from management trolling the page. Yes, RNs are an extension of the physician but we're at the bedside 24/7 while a doc is there 5 minutes if you're lucky. It's the nurse taking care of you.
Also, who said anything about wages? smithj's comment about $50/hr is meant to inflame and deflect from the issue, which is safe staffing. Don't be fooled by this obvious red herring.

Ok people. Get it right. Nurses r lucky if they get payed mid 20's and the ration is 1-8 at times. It can get pretty dangerous at times. We need more nurses better pay.

I wish 40 dollars was accurate. Try low 20's and ratio 1-8 at times.

I have a very high reagard for nurses. They deserve all the respect, compensation and benefits they can get per their education and experience. But how does walking off the job and leaving patients by themselves help the patients cause? If the issue is that they need more help then talk to the administrators and resolve it. What does the administration have to say about this? Was it covered by any of the news people?

Yes, nurses play an important role when it comes to patient care however it's the doctor that makes all the decisions. We are merely an extension of the physicians when it comes to taking care of your family member so I feel our wages are more than fair. I am also an RN and have to say $40 an hour is being modest. I actually make closer to $50 an hour and have no complaints.

Where do you work? How long have you been a RN? That is awesome! Good for you. No one I know that is a nurse with less than 20+ year exp., a masters, or admin makes anywhere close to that?

If the nurses take a cut in their $40 hour pay, plus benefits, the hospital could afford more staff. As it is , these nurses act like a lot of premadonnas, wearing large diamond rings , and tons of gold, telling everyone how rich they are, their EXTREMELY high pay, for this region, is why the hospital cannnot afford more nures, not to mention the illegals coming over, overburdening the system will welfare, and free medical, eliminate these problems, and there will be no more staffing issues!

Well its not only illegals comming to the city, this also attracts white low income people from up north that do not have a job other than begging for change in the corners. Furthermore, the pay its well deserved since we spent out time in school studying and not flipping burgers. (PS i like MCds) but we have the right to good pay as the patients have a right to good care. Thank you for your time.
Your friendly neighborhood nurse.

I'm not a nurse nor do I want to be.

Thank goodness I'm in good health. But, if I were in need of medical care at a hospital; I'd feel more comfortable knowing the staffing is appropriate to attend to my needs as they arise and not having a nurse make the decision that my needs are less dire than another patient. Plus, any person that has to wipe feces off the scrotum of an 80 year old man at 2 o'clock in the morning deserves to be paid more than $40/hr.

Your comments are obviously based out of speculation and not based on fact. Because there are so few nurses available full-time, the hospital brings in traveling nurses and PRN (as needed) nurses which do, in fact, receive a $40+ per hour pay wage with NO benefits. A full-time nurse earns a base wage of $23 per hour, and benefits are at an additional cost. Due to lack of full-time nurses, hospitals are FORCED to bring in PRN and traveling nurses at a higher wage. illegals are a different matter.

the pay you mention is worth 20+ yrs of experience most nurses are at 23/ hr, get your facts right before you post.

Money is the bottom line and health care in El Paso sucks. I wouldn't leave any family memeber in the hospital unattended. I'm an RN and El Paso would rather hire inexperienced nurses than try to pay and retain the qualified ones with experience. Why do you think they allow all hospital workers to dress in scrubs? The patient's and families have no earthy idea who is a nurse and who's the housekeeper. Ask why nursing salaries are not advancing. Who do you think is taking care of the patient 24/7

Exactly. Also, Del Sol has no retention plan for any of its experienced nurses. Experienced nurses are leaving to other job sites for more pay, better benefits, etc. Annual salary increases average about .53 CENTS an hour per year!!!

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