Debate Held In Race For County Judge


POSTED: Saturday, September 25, 2010 - 5:44pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 26, 2010 - 7:23am

EL PASO - It's the race for County Judge. Today candidates Veronica Escobar and Jaime Perez faced off in a debate.

Perez is the Republican candidate, and he is currently the Chief of Staff for Count Judge Anthony Cobos.

Escobar is his Democratic challenger, and she is currently a County Commissioner.

A big issue for both of them in the upcoming election, taxes.

"We are completely on different ends on opposite ends of the issues. I didn't agree with her tax increase. I don't agree with her wanting to increase it even more. I don't agree with her continuing to want to spend on programs that are not mandated by the state," Perez said.

"{I have} a record of lowering the tax rate for the citizens. Since I have been in office, our tax rate is lower than it was in 2006. {I have been} making cuts where they need to be made, making investments in our future that need to be made," Escobar said.

Elections are coming up in a little more than a month, November 2nd.

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Escobar is far and away the superior candidate. She has actual hands-on experience, is very smart and hard-working. Perez is a faux GOP freak who thinks selling votes for money is no big deal.

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