Deadly Violence in Every Corner of Juarez

Deadly Violence in Every Corner of Juarez

POSTED: Thursday, July 22, 2010 - 2:44pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 22, 2010 - 8:44pm

JUAREZ - The deadly violence runs unabated in Juarez.

Three men were executed inside their home in South Juarez.

Police say their heads were shot off their bodies.

In East Juarez, two people were killed at a Maquila complex.

The victims' heads were wrapped in duct tape.

The killers painted signs on their chests.

Police recovered another victim of the violence from the city canal on the city's east side.

The man had been shot in the head.

Gunmen also killed two private guards in Southwest Juarez.

They were gunned down at a construction yard.

And a woman was shot to death in Central Juarez.

Police found her body in the street.

No arrests in any of these cases.

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Unfortunetly Juarez has become the new Sodom and Gomorah. Its sad. My mother has family that lives there and we have already lost a cousin. It was his first day on the job at some stupid club. Gunmen entered and dragg3d someone into the basement and executed him while other gunmen kept gaurd then they shot everyone at the club. My cousin was shot in the liver and tweice in the heart. It took two hours for the police to arrive. That is why they never catch anyone. They dont care.

Caldron's mariachis play, as mexico burns...a fitting rendition of a famous phrase.

Mexico's goverment is designed to do one thing and one thing only. To be a tyrranic entity to keep the rich wealthy no matter the source of income and its people opressed and pileaged.

What happened to that "Pancho Villa" spirit that seems to have died within the people of mexico. Until you take control of your country your people will never prosper.


What really gets me is when you read a mexican newspaper. when you read thier stories, a person that robbed a gas station, oxxo, ect. do not make it 2 blocks. they are arrested, pictures of them with thier wepons in hand. all the shootings, no arrests made!!

Orgy of violence..woooohooo!!!!

You are a moron Mr. Rosales

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