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Monday, September 22, 2014 - 11:19pm

DEA Raids Mutiple Businesses Looking For "Spice"

Photo Courtesy Eddie Romero

POSTED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 8:59pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 9:38am

Federal law enforcement agencies in The Borderland are targeting stores that sell illegal spice.
Spice is a synthetic drug that gives users a high similar to marijuana, and authorities want to keep it off the streets.
Multiple retailers in both New Mexico and Texas were raided on Wednesday as part of an on-going crack-down in the region.
Evidence was taken from the stores.  The El Paso Sheriff's Office says all of the substances must be tested before they can be positively identified as "Spice".

“The Green Effect” was one of the businesses raided on Wednesday, along with "Cool Arrows 3" in east El Paso was also raided by federal agents.
Employees at “Cool Arrows 3” say investigators loaded up boxes and took products from the store for testing. No arrests were made.
Joe Saldivar owns “J & M Sportscards” next-door.  He says this isn't the first time he's witnessed a raid at that location.
"Since I've been here, they've had I think three raids. This time I don't know why they raided them because they haven't had any business at all it seems like,” said Saldivar.
Saldivar says the owner of "Cross Arrows 3” is very friendly and good neighbor.
"The owner Steve, he's a real nice guy. He's come over here and introduced himself. He's a great person,” said Saldivar.
Shoppers say despite Wednesday's raid at the shopping center,  it's business as usually.
"It's quiet. I mean see any people rowdy or nothing like that,” said shopper Francisco Anchondo.
Federal and local law enforcement plan to announce the results of Wednesday's multiple raids in The Borderland on Thursday.


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I do not believe the substance being used in Las Cruces is spice, too many people I love & I have heard from tells me they cannot move after smoking not because they don't want to, but bc the signal from the brain never gets there, this is the case with the signal to the heart, lungs, the signal for swallowing, losing consciousness & so forth this is DEADLY. And they will go back to selling it just under another name & product bc this is not a 1st generation chemical that Obama banned.

Sold as incense-since when do people pay $50 for 4 grams of incense? This is not illegal for your child to purchase, it is not illegal for head shops, gas stations or any other store to sell. The containers are marked "not for human consumption". The withdrawal from this stuff is horrific and worse than any "street drug". These are legal research chemicals that are not researched. This is poison and it KILLS!!! I am lucky to have my family member alive today, they listened and STOPPED!!!

This is deadly. This attacks the nervous system, you cannot allow these drugs in the hands of these people who make it by purchasing research chemicals. These head shops do tell people you can smoke the stuff & that it is sold in strength the higher the number the more intense. So intense that many suffer death like symptoms, they have to be reminded to breathe, lose consciousness, lose all mobility, there gag reflex makes them vomit.

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