Day 3: Mayor Cook Still Not Talking to Newschannel 9


POSTED: Thursday, June 9, 2011 - 6:25pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 10, 2011 - 11:32pm

EL PASO - Another business day has come and gone, and Mayor Cook still won't speak to Newschannel 9.

We called and left a message for the mayor on his cell phone, today. We asked him to clarify why he's upset about his comments that we've featured in our newscasts.

He still hasn't called back.

So, mark this as day 3 of the mayor, missing in action.

We'll keep calling.

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This writing sucks. Maybe he doesn't want to talk to you because your news coverage is jejune (childish- you may not know what that means considering the level of writing). After this and the defilement and libelous nature of this station, I do not take News channel 9 seriously at all.


Mayor Cook is a corrupt, cynical, power-hungry clown.

That's ok, just keep hounding that globalist control freak. His tyranny will be exposed.

I'm not a fan of Cook but these types of posts are obviously the reason why the Mayor and others won't take this station seriously.
Face on a milk carton? Seriously? They haven't used milk cartons for lost people in decades. It's silly, it's hacky, and it's totally something Perez Hilton would post on his gossip blog.
How about the blogging stops and the journalism starts again?

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