Dashcam video of police officer's act of kindness


POSTED: Monday, January 20, 2014 - 11:48am

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 5:28pm

Dashcam video of a Texas police officer stopping to toss a football with a boy he didn't know has gone viral. The officer's act of kindness has melted around the world, Deborah Wrigley spoke with the officer.

This is the kind of dashcam video we usually see police chases and general mayhem. Which make this dashcam video remarkable and unforgettable.

Saturday afternoon, Rosenberg Police Sergeant Ariel Soltura was on patrol, driving through an apartment complex parking lot when he saw a young man, he slowed down, "And I saw he was throwing up a football and I could tell that he was actually playing by himself, he wasn't just waiting for more kids to arrive."

Soltura could h ave continued driving, instead he stopped, "I literally got out of the car, I did like this, which is the universal sign of throw me the football and at that time you just saw his face just light up and he was ready to play."

So they did, two men as Soltura says, playing football on a perfect day. Rosenberg PD posted it on Facebook, hours later, it had about a quarter million likes. Truth be told, Soltura says, it's part of the department's emphasis on community policing, not as adversaries, but as neighbors. What was captured on this dashcam video has gone viral in a good way.

Officer Soltura, "It's important because we all live in this world together - we all make an impact in this world and I think it's important that we all put in our little bit and make it a better place.'

On this day, in this place, you could say that's what happened. All because of a kid with a football without anyone to throw it to, until a police officer arrived and threw it long.

Officer Soltura, "If we see a kid kicking the can they want us to go out there and replace that can with a ball and therefore, at that moment, we've made an impact on these kids futures for the rest of their lives."

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That was a very kind thing for that officer to do!

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