Dan Haggerty's sisters say he fought until the end

Dan Haggerty's sisters say he fought until the end
Monday, July 1, 2013 - 4:59pm

NewsChannel 9 got a closer look into Commissioner Dan Haggerty's final days from two of the people who were closest to him: his sisters.

As NewsChannel 9 reported, the longtime commissioner lost his fight against cancer and passed away at his home Friday.
Dan's fate had already been determined the moment his cancer was detected. But his family said it didn't stop Dan from being Dan.

"While he was planning his demise... He lived to the fullest. We took multiple trips. He was always the one upbeat, whenever we were down. Danny would be upbeat," said Eileen Haggerty Hart, Dan’s younger sister.

It wasn't the first time the Haggerty's have battled cancer. Dan battled prostate cancer in the 1990's and beat it. His older sister Kathleen overcame the disease, but their father couldn't overcome the devastating illness.

"My father never smoked but he had lung cancer. I had breast cancer and I think that's why he was so cognizant because I lost my hair twice," said Kathleen, Dan’s older sister.

Eileen said during Dan’s appointments at the hospital, he was always the upbeat individual who brightened the room.
"He was the life of the party. He would have the other patients laughing, he would carry on with them, it was like, he didn't want to put you out because he was sick," she said.

The family said it was support from each other that really helped them get through the tough times. And they believe it's that kind of support that is important for cancer patients to feel as well.

"If there is someone that you know of that has cancer, just be there to listen or to take them to a doctor's visit," Kathleen said.

And as for the wigs, they will most likely be donated to the El Paso cancer patient clinic to be displayed.

“They will be on the table along with all the other cancer patient survivors, and the ones that didn’t make it,” Eileen said.

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