Dallas Trucker Savors His Freedom With Family

Dallas Trucker Savors His Freedom With Family
Friday, November 30, 2012 - 12:12am

A Texas truck driver who accidentally made a wrong turn into Mexico with a truck load of ammunition is back home with his family in Dallas now.

Jabin Bogan had an emotional reunion with family members after being released from a Veracruz prison.

Bogan maintains he was on his way to Phoenix in April to deliver the ammunition stored in his truck. He says he accidentally crossed onto a border bridge towards Juarez and tried to turn around after he realized his mistake, but Mexican customs agents wouldn’t let him go back.

Bogan was convicted of smuggling and sentenced to three years in prison even though Mexican customs agents contradicted prosecutors' claims at trial that Bogan had hidden the bullets under the floorboards of his 18-wheeler's trailer.

His sentence was later commuted to time served and a fine.

His U.S. attorney, Larry Taylor, said about $5,000 in donations covered a fine paid to Mexican authorities and fees for an attorney there.

Bogan was locked up since April and says he's still savoring the flavor of freedom.

"It's just a feeling you get from being lonely incarcerated in another country, another prison, a federal, maximum security prison that only a free man can feel. There's no words that can explain it." said Jabin Bogan.

Bogan says he's wanted to drive trucks since he was 3 years old. Despite what happened, he says he has no plans to give it up. 

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